Why Does My Dog Hide Under The Bed?

Have you ever wondered why your dog hides under the bed or a table so much? There are various possible causes for this typical dog behavior, some of which are more alarming than others. There are a few possibilities for why your dog prefers to hide beneath the bed or under a table.

1. They Love Private Spaces

Many dogs consider hiding under a bed or table out of sight to be a personal safe haven.

“That’s their nice little fort to relax in”, says Jessika Lisa, a San Diego-based Catch Canine Academy certified dog trainer. “They enjoy the intimate setting of the den”.

Lisa claims that her Pomeranian is continuously looking for new places to hide around her house. She does note, though, that a dog may find comfort in the solidity of a bed or table. Unlike a mat or a chair that may be moved frequently, dogs can rely on certain spots to stay the same.

2. They’re Afraid

“Dogs love to find a hiding area when there’s something scary going on”, Lisa explains. “A bed or table could be a perfect place for them to hide”.

Your dog could be scared by anything from a loud vehicle alarm to fireworks. Lisa’s dog was afraid of fireworks, so she gave him cookies every time she heard them to calm his nerves. Her dog ultimately learned to expect a treat whenever he heard loud noises after enough practice.

When your dog is anxious, Lisa suggests using a soothing voice to gently calm them down. After then, try to get them out of the environment. Get them somewhere safe and far away from whatever it is that is frightening them.

3. They’re Physically Ill or Injured

“They might find a spot to hide if they’re not feeling well”, Lisa says.

When Lisa’s dog was bitten by a bee, he took refuge behind the toilet. Whether your dog is hiding and it isn’t their usual behavior, check to see if they’re in good health. Visit your veterinarian as soon as you notice any signs of disease or injury to get an assessment of the condition.

4. They’re Looking For Food

There’s usually a simple explanation for why dogs spend so much time under the kitchen table. That is, they are aware that they may be able to obtain food there.

“They know they’re going to get it if you have a dog who likes to supervise what you’re cooking and eating. “Things like that keep their attention,” Lisa explains.

Train them to stay out of the room while you prepare or dine to prevent them from loitering or begging. Reward them with treats if they do so.

5. They’ve Found Something They Shouldn’t Have

Your dog may have discovered a treat or food that has fallen to the floor and is attempting to conceal it under a bed or table. Some dogs will consume such items by themselves if they had the opportunity.

Lisa claims that her dog once hid behind a coworker’s desk after snatching a prohibited blueberry from the floor.

6. They Sense a Change in the Environment

If your house is usually peaceful and you have visitors, your dog may hide to locate a quiet spot. Dogs who have grown up in calm environments frequently find themselves surrounded by other dogs and people, and they simply need a break from the chaos. When the environment has restored to normal, dogs who have been hiding under beds for these reasons will typically come out.

Lisa explains, “They often don’t desire any social relationship”. “It might be a way of declaring, ‘I’m done playing’.” says the author.

How To Get Your Dog Not To Hide Under Things

One method for getting your dog to stop hiding under items is to teach them a new behavior. Ignore your dog if he or she is hiding under the bed. Give them a treat if they’re laying on a mat or rug. Keep trying, and your dog will most likely learn to adjust his or her behavior.

“Reward your dog for doing what you want. Ignore whatever it is that you don’t want. When people know you appreciate something, they like to brag about it”, Lisa explains.

Know Your Dog

“Get to know your dog and understand what’s normal and what’s not,” Lisa advises. Take note if they suddenly hide under tables, as this is a new behavior. It could be a symptom of a stressed dog or an indication that something is amiss. If you suspect your dog isn’t feeling well, take them to the vet as soon as possible.

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