Where Can I Donate Dog Beds?


According to the ASPCA, about 8 million animals enter shelters each year. This puts an incredible amount of work on the shoulders of shelter personnel and volunteers, but you can help by donating to your local institution. Here are some things you may contribute if you love animals or just want to make a good difference in your neighborhood.

Recycled pet supplies

Did you know that many animal shelters will accept gently used pet supplies? If you have an old dog bed or a lightly used cat carrier that your pet no longer needs, says that shelters are typically willing to accept them. For additional information on whether your belongings are eligible for re-use, contact your local shelter directly.


If your dog has outgrown his leash or you’ve just acquired a new one for him, don’t throw it away! Your leash may be appreciated by a number of dogs in an animal shelter.

Supplies that are environmentally friendly

Eco-friendly pet products are becoming more popular, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Everything from ecologically friendly pet bedding to toys can be obtained these days, and many animal shelters appreciate them, according to The Kind Life. When you’re out shopping for products to contribute to your local institution, keep the environment in mind.

Food for pets

Maybe you went a bit crazy buying snacks for your pet at home, and now you have a surplus. According to The Cub, animal shelters are constantly in need of food, whether it’s cat food, dog food, or simply snacks. After all, there are a lot of hungry people to feed!

Blankets and towels

Even people like snuggling up with a cozy blanket, so see what you can locate to give to your local animal shelter. Many facilities are also willing to accept donated towels, which may be used to dry wet animals on the spot or bathe dogs.


Consider giving any of your extra collars to a local shelter if you have some laying around your house. Shelters often come in a variety of forms and sizes to meet their requirements.

Detergent for laundry

This is a common home item that you would not think of while looking for items to give to an animal sanctuary. According to the Huffington Post, washing detergent is required for cleaning linens used around the institution. If you have it, most shelters will happily accept it.


Don’t simply recycle your newspapers once you’ve finished reading them for the week. Consider donating them to a local animal shelter instead. Shelters often utilize newspaper for the floor of animal cages, despite the fact that it may seem to be a little contribution. They may be really useful and make cleaning a little simpler.

Hand sanitizer

Many individuals pass through animal shelters, some of them are merely seeking for a way to help out with the animals. Consider giving hand sanitizer to your local shelter to keep everyone clean, from guests to staff. In between taking care of the animals, this may keep hands clean and disinfected.

Bags made of plastic

Why not donate any plastic bags you have around the home from grocery shop excursions to a local animal shelter? Many animal shelters will accept your plastic bags and utilize them to dispose of pet waste on the premises. This is a viable option to recycling them, as well as a means of keeping the shelter clean.

Litter boxes

Litter boxes may be used by cats of all ages, and they make cleaning a snap, whether they’re at a shelter or at home. If you have an extra litter box, consider giving it to an animal shelter. Because many cats are litter box trained, these donated supplies will be put to good use at the shelter.

Breast-feeding bottles

If you’ve ever owned a newborn cat or puppy, you’re probably familiar with the experience of bottle feeding your own pet. Consider giving your gently used nursing bottles after your pet has grown up and transitioned to kibble. Nursing bottles are needed by facilities such as the Baltimore Animal Shelter for its younger animals. Puppies, kittens, and other tiny creatures may be housed in them at many shelters.

Heating pads

Animals, believe it or not, can utilize heating pads as well! Check to see whether your old heating pad may be utilized by a local animal shelter before discarding it. It might be just what a cat or dog needs to keep warm on a chilly winter evening.

Baby meal with meat as the main ingredient

According to BarkPost, baby food (particularly meat-based meals) is a favorite of dogs. Consider giving any excess cans to your local dog shelter if you have some in your cupboard. Baby food and dry dog food may simply be combined to produce a nice dinner.

Brushes and shampoo

Why not give unused brushes or a bottle of unopened shampoo to your local dog shelter if you haven’t used it? Employees may always use pet brushes and animal-approved shampoo to keep the animals clean at the facility. It’s also possible that good cleanliness will help the animals stay healthy (and be adopted!).

If you run out of things to contribute, you may always volunteer at your local shelter. Many institutions are always searching for additional hands to assist them. You may also construct a list of goods to give by doing a fast Internet search for your local shelter. Most shelters have “wish lists” of products that they need to keep everything running well.

Adopting a pet is, of course, a simple way to aid your local shelter. However, you should ensure that you have all of the resources necessary to provide an animal with a caring home. To see whether you and your family are ready to adopt a pet, go to the ASPCA website.

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