Top 8 Breeds of Hypoallergenic Cats

What type of cat is an allergy cat? Despite your affection for cats, you have a slight cat allergy. How then can you care for these adorable cats? Consider the following cat breeds if you have allergies.

The following breeds are hypoallergenic and appropriate for cat allergy sufferers.


The Balinese (also called Javanese) has a silky coat and luxuriant tail plume like the Siamese. Fluffy look doesn’t indicate allergy friendliness. Balinese cats shed less than other long-haired varieties. They’re sociable, easygoing, and hypoallergenic like Siamese.  


This massive, strong cat breed isn’t hypoallergenic due to its bushy hair and fluffy tail. Though uncommon in the U.S., they’re gaining appeal for their lack of bothersome dander and clever demeanor. The Siberian is one of few cat species that like playing in water.   


Because of its short curly hair and bouncing tail, the Devon Rex is frequently called a “poodle that purrs.” Devon Rexs are hypoallergenic like Poodles. This little breed has a big, friendly disposition.


A Sphynx’s warm, friendly demeanor is said to resemble warm suede. Sphynx are an allergy-friendly hairless cat breed. Contrary to common opinion, most hairless cats are not entirely bald. Their delicate, short fur makes it hard to see. They seldom shed.


A popular cat breed is hypoallergenic. Extra-short Siamese hair reduces shedding and comes in four colors. Siamese are people-loving and have good communication abilities. Their baby blue eyes make it impossible to be irritated by their constant meowing.


The Bengal cat’s wild look mimics an African predator. The huge, athletic breed is a fantastic hunter and nice with kids. Hypoallergenic and “glistening” give them a lustrous, sparkling coat.


Burmese cats are dog-like because they naturally follow their owners and show love. This breed’s cats often play fetch. Their coat is shorter, solid-colored, and shaded.


This wild-looking, spotted cat is a Siamese cousin. The short-haired, hypoallergenic Ocicat comes in numerous hues with leopard-like markings. This clever cat gets along with humans and other pets.  

Owners who own cat breeds with a lot of hair shedding may develop allergies. Try to learn before you care for a cat. For the quickest news updates, check out the website

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