The differences between Balinese and Siamese cats

The Siamese and Balinese cat breeds are well-known in the United States. They are very similar in terms of both style and color. As a result, many people consider these two cat species to be one. You may learn how to tell “the difference between Balinese and Siamese cats” by reading the article below from wt online petsupplies.

Visual Differences

At a Glance


  • Origin: USA
  • Size(adult): 6–12 lbs., 12–18″
  • Lifespan: 10-to-16
  • Dog-friendly? : Yes


  • Origin: Thailand
  • Size(adult): 15–20in, 6–14lbs
  • Lifespan: 12-to-20
  • Dog-friendly? : Yes

Balinese Cat Overview


Balinese cats originated in the U.S., not Indonesia’s Bali, despite their name. Their delicate approach mimics Bali’s temple dancers. Balinese cats are essentially Siamese cats with longer coats due to a genetic abnormality. The CFA acknowledged them in 1961.

Characteristics & Appearance

Balinese cats are intelligent, lively, and beautiful long-haired Siamese cats. Due to their intelligence, they may be taught tricks and orders. These gregarious cats don’t like being alone for lengthy durations. While they’re placid, they may be loud and attention-demanding, so they’re not perfect for calm, independent owners.

They have medium-length, silky coats that need regular brushing to prevent matting. They are creamy white, have pointed hues like their Siamese relatives (chocolate, seal, blue, and lilac), blue eyes, and huge ears.

Common Health Issues

Balinese cats are healthy but may have Siamese-like health difficulties. This includes glaucoma, PRA, and cross-eyedness (although this unique trait has largely been bred out). They may also develop liver amyloidosis, asthma, and neurological difficulties such hyperesthesia syndrome and nystagmus.

Siamese Cat Overview


The Siamese cat is a well-known and popular breed. One of the earliest cat breeds. It’s thought they originated in Thailand in the 14th century. th century.

In the late 18th th The breed inspired the Balinese and Himalayan, among others.

Characteristics & Appearance

Siamese cats are noted for being too noisy and chatty. Like the Balinese, they love their owners’ company and follow them about the house, giving their opinion. They don’t like being left alone for lengthy periods, but if they have a companion, they’re content at home. This is why breeders advocate having two Siamese cats.

Siamese cats have pointed coats, slender bodies, and long legs. They have a round or wedge-shaped head, big ears, and almond-shaped blue eyes. Seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point have fine, short coats.

Common Health Issues

“Wedge-shaped” Siamese are more prone to respiratory difficulties than “apple-shaped” Siamese.

What Are the Differences Between Siamese and Balinese Cats?

Balinese cats were derived from Siamese, thus they are similar. Balinese cats are smaller, lighter, and have a shorter lifetime than Siamese cats. Balinese cats are more demanding than Siamese, although both types love human connection.

Both Siamese and Balinese have pointed coats and long, slender frames.

Which Breed Is Right for You?

Balinese and Siamese cats are ideal family pets and friends. They don’t like being alone and are bright, easily-trained cats. Both breeds need to be with their owners as much as possible, thus they’re high-maintenance.

The Balinese’s long coat requires daily brushing to prevent matting, so if you want a loving, low-maintenance cat, choose the Balinese.

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