Rottweiler vs. Pitbull: Breed Variations and Similarities

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Breed Comparison


  • Height 21 to 27 inches
  • Weight 80 to 135 lbs.
  • Temperament loving, assured, and loyal
  • Energy Average
  • Health Average
  • Lifespan 9-10 Years
  • Price $1,500 and Up

Terrier Pitbull

  • Height 16 to 21 inches
  • Weight 30-65 lbs.
  • Temperament affectionate, active, and dependable
  • Energy High
  • Health More than Average
  • Lifespan 12-16 Years
  • Price $800 and Up


  • 1 Breed contrast
  • 2 Breed Background
    • 2.1 Rottweiler
  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 Temperament
  • 5 Exercise
  • 6 Training
  • 7 Health
  • 8 Nutrition
  • 9 Grooming
  • 10 Puppy Costs
  • 11 Final Reflections

Breed History

It’s crucial to comprehend these dog breeds’ origins and history in order to comprehend them now and the reputation that surrounds them.


the Roman Empire, and is one of the oldest breeds of dog. earliest known breeds , and it is thought that he sprang from canines similar to the ancient Mastiff. The Rottweiler was initially designed to guard livestock from scavengers and wild animals while working with soldiers to herd cattle.

Because of his herding and guarding prowess, the traveling butchers of Rottweil, Germany, employed him to secure their money bags by putting them around the Rottweiler’s neck. Officially known as Rottweiler, he is from Rottweil. He is referred as as the Rottweiler Metzgerhund in Germany, which roughly translates to Butcher Rottweiler dog .‘

He eventually found work in many other fields, including farms where he could move huge, heavy things with ease, and in many different protective services, most notably as a German Police dog.

His status as a working dog has declined, but his sweeter side has been shown, and he is now regarded as a terrific family pet . Out of 193 recognized breeds, he is the eighth most popular dog in America according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Due to the Rottie’s high regard, they are often combined with other pure breeds, like as the Rottie-labrador combination.


The Pitbull is more of an animal than a breed. general phrase used to refer to canines of Terrier and Bulldog ancestry. American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are the four breeds that are referred to as “Pitbulls.”

Additionally, it is extremely typical for many other breeds to be erroneously labelled As Pitbulls as the majority of people do not properly get what Pitbull implies, even pros make mistakes. Originally bred as fighting dogs, these dogs were utilized for capturing and herding as well as other tasks once dog fighting was made illegal. dogs for family companionship .

The topics covered in this article include the United States Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), since the majority of people often expressly refer to the APBT when they refer to a Pitbull. Other canines of the “Pitbull” type may, however, have different traits.

Given the history of the APBT, he now possesses a a poor reputation because it is believed that he is innately evil; however, this is untrue, as we shall see later below. Although it is difficult to estimate the APBT’s popularity since the AKC does not recognize him, we do know that the Pitbull type dog is the most bred canine in the USA.



The sole resemblance in appearance between the Rottweiler and the APBT is that both dogs are regarded by some as having ugly puppies. The Rottweiler is much taller than the 24–27 inches the APBT stands between the paw and the shoulder. 18.5-21.1 inches .

The Rottweiler may reach a tremendous weight. 135 kilos , whereas the APBT might weigh as much as 65 kilos , this can be bigger than the APBT by more than thrice! In comparison to the Rottweiler, the APBT seems to be more muscular since he is much thinner and more defined.

The only way to identify the Rottweiler is in his the color black and tan , with the rust hue often covering his chest, legs, snout, eyebrows, and eyebrows. The APBT, on the other hand, may be found in an a variety of hues; However, the top Kennel Club organizations worldwide do not recognize merles. The APBT is often ordered in blue, red, grey, white, and brindle.

Their two coats are regarded as short; But the coat of the Rottweiler is somewhat longer and considerably softer than that of the APBT, which is so short that it seems rigid to the touch. Both of them have sparkling and straight coats.


Each reed appreciate a kiss at the end of the day and will cheerfully cuddle up with you on the couch. The APBT, however, would likely go farther than that and, if he could, spend the whole day with you on the couch since he is undoubtedly needier contrasting with the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is kind and loving with his family, but he is reportedly more reserved with strangers. shy around strangers , and that will occur due of his defensive tendencies . He wouldn’t mind spending a few hours on guard in his yard, alerting passersby and potential invaders to his presence and the fact that his family shouldn’t be trifled with. You’ll need to get a few toys that can survive the Rotties’ powerful teeth since they can also rip dog toys apart.

Unlike what is often believed, the APBT would create a awful guard dog , and if he could brew coffee, he would probably offer to make one for the visitor and encourage them to play with all of his toys! In terms of disposition, they are really more like the Golden Retriever than the Rottie! He simply wants to be everyone’s buddy since they are incredibly gregarious animals. Therefore, the APBT is probably not for you if you’re looking for a guard dog.

The APBT’s propensity for socializing has led to reports of him becoming separation phobia , so maybe he’s not the one for you if you can’t commit a lot of time to this kind person. He needs to be among his friends since he is a pack dog. For a few hours, the Rottweiler would be content to be by himself and occupy himself , so long as he exercises when you come back.

They both have a reputation for playful , the APBT for a little bit longer periods of time, and would adore playing with his master and the rest of the pack for a few hours. These dogs would be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a playful family dog. On top of that, they are also kind and tolerant with little ones.

Both of these men possess a similar standing , and it’s a very awful one that’s very similar undeserved . If you are contemplating obtaining one of these ideal puppies, there are a few things you should be ready for.

It is well known that the Rottweiler and the APBT Dogs with status ,’ and the APBT is often referred to as a combat dog. The usage of APBTs by criminals to defend their drug stashes or as a weapon against the police has been reported by the police.

One of the only reasons certain dog breeds are allegedly engaged in especially cruel attacks is because the owner, who is the evil one, has picked them to perform his dirty job only because they are a prestige dog. For instance, a Golden Retriever might ultimately acquire the same unfavorable image if the criminals decided that the breed would serve as their new status dog and raised them to be nasty. The owner is to blame, not the dog.

Many governments and nations have hired these breeds because of the tendency to exploit them in this way. Specified Breed Laws (BSL), the Rottweiler, and the APBT are often covered by this law. The laws differ from state to state, so if you’re thinking of obtaining one of these breeds, check your state’s laws first. regional laws .

Additionally, the media is eager to pick up the news if a Rottweiler or an APBT has attacked someone. Make it spectacular , and as a consequence, both breeds’ reputations among the general public are extremely unfavorable .

This has the side consequence that many landlords have restricted some breeds Many insurance companies exclude particular breeds from dwelling in their houses, or at the very least they have policies that prohibit them. higher premiums disproportionately. Again, if you are thinking about getting one of these breeds, you should do your study.


The Rottweiler and APBT are regarded as both medium-sized dogs . Therefore, they each need around a 60-minute workout a day. The APBT is allegedly more spirited He requires more intensive activity than a Rottweiler and enjoys play-fighting with his owners, as well as playing frisbee, ball, and participating in dog agility classes in addition to his daily exercise of 60 minutes.

Children should always be under adult supervision while playing with their family’s dog, as with most puppies. These two breeds in particular because they are sturdy, capable dogs . Contrary to common opinion and its terrible reputation, the so-called “lockjaw” of the APBT is a hoax. The Rottweiler is regarded to have the strongest bite of all dog breeds, despite the fact that it has a powerful bite.

The APBT was the third most popular breed in the top 10. The Rottweiler’s bite has an incredible 328 pounds of pressure per square inch, while the APBT’s bite measures at 235 pounds.

When left to their own ways and get bored, these men may be severely damaging . Due to their strength, they have the potential to do a lot of damage in a short period of time, so if you can’t commit to using them every day, be ready to shell out a lot of money for repairs.


Since both the Rottweiler and the APBT are extremely bright, they are trained similarly and, in the end, both enjoy mental and physical stimulation. Compared to some dogs, training these two is quite simple since they both appreciate training and they by their master effort to please .

It is essential to socialize these animals from a very young age, primarily because of the guarding qualities of the Rottweiler, and since it is also implied that neither of these breeds is very hospitable to other dogs. To make sure kids feel at ease in a variety of settings, both within and outside of the house, socialization is crucial. They should feel at ease with people of all ages and animals of all sizes and understand that, in the majority of situations, neither people nor dogs pose a danger.

training with reinforcement is the greatest kind of instruction for any dog, but it is especially crucial for guard dogs like Rottweilers. Positive reinforcement should always be used throughout training; otherwise, the dog may respond adversely. Dogs will respond adversely to you if you do the same to them, which is why many nasty individuals have violent dogs.

Additionally, showcasing your ‘vicious’ Rottweiler or APBT to the world would be fantastic. best-behaving canine within a park. Pitbulls need to be properly trained, particularly if you want to teach them to walk while wearing a harness since they tend to pull.


These people are very distinct with regard to their health. First of all, the Rottweiler typically lives between 9–10 years old , and the APBT typically lives between 12 to 16 years old . If you are thinking about obtaining any of these breeds, you should be aware of the significant difference between them. The APBT is often a healthier dog than the Rottweiler.

Cerebellar abiotrophy and hip dysplasia are the APBT’s two key concerns. Dysplastic Hips is an irregular creation of the hip joint, which may cause agonizing arthritis and agony in his hindquarters.

Cerebellar Abysmia occurs when the area of the brain that regulates coordination and balance is injured, preventing them from moving properly. It sometimes may also affect cognitive function. He may also experience skin irritation , all of which may be helped by ointment and fine cuisine.

Additionally, the Rottweiler is renowned for having Dysplastic Hips along with a dysplastic elbow , as already said. The illness known as Dilated Cardiomyopathy, which affects Rottweilers commonly, causes the heart to not function properly since the pup is born with thinner and more dilated heart walls. heart disease .

They are known to experience, in addition to this cardiac issue, Aortic Subvalvular Stenosis This is where an obstruction in blood flow from the region below the aortic valve may occur.

Other significant issues that the Rottweiler is reported to experience include Bloat, lymphoma, and osteosarcoma.


What the Rottweiler will eat triple cups but the APBT will eat less at about of meals each day. 2 ½ cups a day. Both of these guys should consume food that is suitable for their ages, and the Rottweiler shouldn’t be allowed to overeat since he might get ill. Obesity . Since the APBT typically has a stronger metabolism, he shouldn’t gain too much weight unless you are really overindulging in Scooby snacks.


One of the most often used simplest dogs to take care of in relation to grooming. Since his hair is just short, a weekly brushing will be sufficient to remove any dead hairs and keep him looking neat. Shiny and wholesome-appearing .

He won’t need a bath more than once a year. around two to three months Unless, of course, he locates a muddy field to roll about in; be careful, this is one of his favorite activities! Depending on his skin sensitivities, you may need to give him a bath. medical procedures some more often.

Only little more demanding than the APBT, the Rottweiler has to be brushed. a few times each week once more to keep him bright and healthy. same to giving your typical dog a wash every 6 weeks would be advantageous for this man.

Puppy Prices

The Rottweiler costs more, at about $1,500 , although the APBT often costs more $800 to $1,500 from a trustworthy breeder. The price will increase as the qualities become more in demand. Or you should prepare to spend more than the usual price if you wanted a Rottweiler from a lineage that has won awards.

If you’re considering obtaining an APBT, you should at the very think about saving from a shelter, one. There are hundreds of thousands of these dogs in rescue shelters who are placed on the “death list” only because they are an APBT or another kind of Pitbull dog. Research revealed that Pitbulls in shelters were put to death in 93 percent of cases.

If you adopt one, you obviously won’t know about his past, but you’d be literally preserving life , (and a little cash), so it is at least something to consider.

Final Thoughts

These two adorable and faithful dogs would blend in with almost any family. Both of these dogs are amiable and like playing and training with their owners as well as cuddling. They are perfect for young households due to their protective and caring natures for their human siblings.

If you want a security dog, the Rottweiler would be a better option; but, if you want a playful, energetic puppy, the APBT would be a better alternative.

If you decide to add one of these guys to your family, you won’t look back. While the haters are hating, you and your family will experience a lot of love, adoration, and happiness!

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