Rottweiler Lifespan: How Long Do Rottweilers Live?

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How Long Do Rottweilers Live?

The lifetime of a Rottweiler is typically 8 to 10 years. Despite having a shorter lifetime than other breeds of the same height and weight, Rottweilers make up for it with their loyal natures and unwavering loyalty. As is to be anticipated, how well you choose to care for your pet will directly affect how long they will live.

It’s interesting to note that female rottweilers often live 10 months longer than males do. No correlation between a mother’s physiological commitment in her pups and decreased lifespan was discovered in the research, “Exceptional longevity in female Rottweiler dogs is not hampered by investment in reproduction.” In contrast, the results showed an inverted U-shaped pattern, consistent with adult women’s study, suggesting that moderate expenditure in reproduction may lengthen longevity.

Each breed, like many others, is prone to diseases that uniquely afflict that particular breed. Obesity or hip dysplasia may be problems with rottweilers. However, these magnificent canines may live very long lives with regular examinations and a balanced diet.

Let’s study more about the Rottweiler life cycle now that we are aware of their longevity.

The Average Rottweiler Life Cycle

The Rottweiler life cycle has four major phases, much like that of other dogs. So that you have all the information you need to own a Rottweiler, we’ll go into great depth on each of these life phases.


The Rottweiler puppy stage lasts from the time the dog is born until the age of 18 months. A Rottweiler’s first eight weeks of life are crucial, and they should be spent with their mother. Like other dog breeds, they are born hearing- and sight-impaired. Their mother is crucial to their growth and development since they are unable to control their body temperature.

Adolescent Stage

At this age, Rottweilers are often described as being in their “teenage years.” During this time, training is quite crucial. Although very obedient, Rottweilers can be quite the handful if not properly trained. When you start your Rottweiler’s training at this phase of its life cycle, you can be confident that when it is an adult, it will already have all the skills necessary to be a wonderful family dog.


When a Rottweiler reaches maturity, handling them is considerably simpler. Since kids have already received the necessary instruction, now is the ideal time for them to discover interests and hobbies. This extraordinary breed loves the outdoors and will be the most energetic at this point in its life, whether swimming or trekking.

Rottweilers like cerebral activity and excitement, and they become quite confident in their capacity to defend you and your family.


A Rottweiler tends to have less energy and become less interested in running as they become older. Instead, they may take a peaceful walk. For the sake of your Rottweiler’s health at this stage, make sure you schedule routine veterinary examinations. Since certain foods may become more difficult for dogs to digest as they become older, adding vitamins and altering your Rottweiler’s diet might help them live longer.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Rottweiler

Despite the fact that the average Rottweiler life expectancy is less than that of other dogs of the same size and weight, as we previously indicated in the article, this does not preclude these dogs from leading fulfilling lives.

Here are some of the best recommendations for ensuring the longevity of your Rottweiler companion:

  • Nutrition & Diet . Your Rottweiler’s skin and coat may become flaky as a consequence of a bad diet. The diet of adult Rottweilers includes both carbs and a lot of protein. Including items like berries and sweet potatoes in your diet may significantly enhance your health. As they get older, it’s important to keep in mind that feeding them more than twice daily is excessive.
  • Supplements. To avoid conditions like hip dysplasia, veterinarians advise Rottweilers to take supplements like glucosamine.
  • Mental Exercise. Rottweilers like doing jobs and working. Because of this, this breed need constant mental stimulation. Giving them tasks to do, such as herding, obedience training, and playing with toys, might stop harmful behavior and make them feel content.
  • Grooming. The lovely thing about Rottweilers is that they seldom catch fleas or ticks because of their short hair. Regular brushing helps maintain healthy blood circulation in them. You can keep them looking fresh and healthy by using shampoos and conditioners made especially for their coats.
  • Regular Workout . Every day, Rottweilers need to be active for at least two hours. As was previously said, taking two daily walks has a major positive impact on their wellbeing. Your dog may grow sluggish and find it more harder to exercise if he is overweight. Obese dogs have the risk of developing respiratory problems, skin conditions, arthritis, and diabetes.

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