My Dog’s Poop Is White – Why Is It?

After cleaning the dog’s cage one day, you discover that the dog feces is white. “What’s wrong with my dog?” will cross your mind. You’ll consider. “Why is the analysis of my dog white?” Today, wt online petsupplies will discuss this subject in order to help you understand it better.

What causes dog’s poop to turn white?

If your dog’s excrement has abruptly changed colors and gone white, you should not be alarmed. Here’s the skinny on white poop:

Too much calcium

A high-calcium diet is one of the most prevalent reasons of white feces, which produces a change in the color of the excrement. White feces is common in dogs that eat a lot of bones. White feces generated by too much calcium is usually not a reason for worry in dogs, although too much calcium may induce constipation. If you see your dog straining while going pee, it’s time to take him to the vet.  

Eating something they shouldn’t

If your dog’s excrement has suddenly become white and you haven’t made any recent dietary adjustments, it might be due to their eating something they shouldn’t have. Paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, and feminine hygiene items, for example, may all cause a change in the color of your dog’s excrement.

While some of these materials may pass harmlessly through your dog’s digestive tract, others may create a blockage or other significant medical concerns. If you suspect your dog has eaten anything they should not have, the best course of action is to visit a veterinarian. To avoid your dog from getting into the trash and being ill in the future, keep your garbage can up and away from where your dog can reach it, or get a garbage can with a locking lid.  

Environmental conditions

Natural environmental variables such as sunshine or humidity may cause dog excrement to become white. As it degrades, it may also begin to sprout mold or change colors.If your dog’s excrement does not turn white immediately but gradually over a few days, it is most likely turning color owing to decreasing environmental circumstances. However, it also implies that you should clean up the dog excrement as soon as possible before it disintegrates.


If your dog’s excrement isn’t fully white but does include white or tan flecks, akin to spaghetti noodles or rice, Internal parasites such as worms might have infected your dog. Give your veterinarian a stool sample for testing and deworming medicine. Make careful to properly clean your yard and remove any excrement to avoid recontamination.

What should healthy dog poop look like? 

Poop from a healthy dog is light brown, hard, and has the consistency of play-dough. It’s not runny, and it doesn’t crumble easily. Consult a veterinarian if you notice your dog’s feces changing colors to gray, black, or yellow, since this might be a symptom of a major health problem. It could also be time to change your dog’s diet.

How does a raw diet affect dog poop?

There’s an old adage about eating good food that goes, ‘garbage in, trash out,’ and the same is true for your dog. A raw food is easier for your dog to digest, so he retains more nutrients and produces less waste. That means fewer total eliminations and less messes to clean up in your yard. Raw-fed dogs’ feces are harder and practically odorless, and they are often smaller in size. Dogs who are fed raw have less stinking gas. A raw diet is so effective that many owners see surprising improvements in their dogs after making the move, such as increased energy and attention, and they appear to love life like never before.   

The scoop on white poop 

So, should you be concerned if your dog’s excrement is white? Because a raw diet includes bone, a natural supply of calcium, dogs given a raw diet often generate white feces. If you are giving your dog an AAFCO a controlled raw diet, such as The Essentials , the feed is already designed with the appropriate quantity of calcium and minerals for your dog’s body. If your dog is having white feces while eating a homemade raw diet or commercial kibble, it may be time to explore moving to a different diet. freeze-dried or frozen raw diet that is safe , to ensure your dog gets a proper mix of vitamins and minerals.   

Even though it may seem revolting, observing your dog’s feces is a vital way to monitor their health, and any significant changes should be mentioned to your veterinarian. By doing this, any health problems may be handled more quickly, enabling your best buddy to live a long and fulfilling life.

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