Is Watermelon Safe for French Bulldogs to Eat?

Can Watermelon Be Eaten by French Bulldogs?
Do you want to know if watermelon is safe for French Bulldogs to eat?
Yes, French Bulldogs can consume watermelon. When swallowing the seeds and pods, you should use caution. because they may cause the digestive tract to get obstructed, leading to additional issues.
For them to consume watermelons, you must ensure that they have been properly cooked.

Is watermelon good and safe for a French Bulldog?

Both watermelon and cantaloupe are considered to be among the “super foods” that all registered dietitians encourage their patients to include in their diets. However, what about our much-loved French bulldogs? Is it healthy for them, is it possible to feed them watermelon, and most importantly, is it safe for them to consume?

It is fine for a French Bulldog to consume watermelon and cantaloupe so long as the rind and seeds are removed before feeding it to the dog. Calcium and potassium are two of the most important nutrients that can be found in watermelon. Additionally, it contains trace amounts of vitamins A, C, B6, and B1.

Due to the fact that watermelon is 92 percent water, feeding it to your Frenchie on a hot day or after it has engaged in strenuous physical activity is an excellent way to help keep your Frenchie hydrated. Strawberries are another fantastic option; click here to learn more.

Watermelon contains no fat or cholesterol

Watermelon also has zero cholesterol or fat, therefore it healthy for a French Bulldog to consume, with no worries for the owner regarding long-term health problems.

On the other hand, the rinds, the skin, and the seeds might be problematic.

Let’s go through the potential dangers in a little more depth, starting with the reasons why you shouldn’t give your Frenchie specific sections of a watermelon even if you do properly prepare it.

Are watermelon seeds dangerous for a French Bulldog?

Is it possible for a French Bulldog to consume the seeds of a watermelon?

Although French Bulldogs are able to consume watermelon seeds, it is not recommended that you give them this treat. Seeds may be problematic for animals’ digestive systems since they are difficult for them to digest and can cause gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, diarrhea, and obstructions in the intestines.  

You may find instructions on how to prepare watermelon for your dog farther down on this page, in case you plan on feeding it to him.

The basic conclusion is that you should take out the seeds before giving it to your French bulldog to consume.

Can dogs eat watermelon rind and is it poisonous?

In addition, it is not a good idea to give your French bulldog any part of a watermelon’s rind or peel to eat. In addition to the seeds, the peel and rind of the fruit may also cause discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract.

It’s possible that your dog might want to gnaw on the rind, but you shouldn’t even give him the chance to.

In relation to the issue, our veterinarian had the following to say:

Although a dog cannot become sick by eating watermelon, the rind and peel of the fruit are notoriously difficult for canines to chew and digest. Do not worry if he has eaten the rind since there is a good probability that he will be alright; nonetheless, you should avoid it in order to avoid tempting destiny and increasing the danger of risk related disease and internal obstructions.

How much watermelon can a French Bulldog eat?

An excessive amount of anything may be unhealthy, just as eating too much of any meal. I’ve discussed this topic at length in previous writings (for example, eggs are good for a Frenchie, but not in excess).

So, can your Frenchie become sick from eating too much watermelon?

In order to get the appropriate response to this question, I recently had a conversation with Claude’s veterinarian at one of Claude’s checkups. This is what the veterinarian advised:

It has been shown that watermelon has a significant amount of vitamins, including vitamins A, B6, and C. As a thirst-quenching and temperature-regulating munchie, this is tasty, but only in limited quantities. Consider it more of a pleasure than a necessary component of your diet. I do not advise giving any dog more than ten percent of their total daily calorie intake in the form of treats, and I consider watermelon to be in this category.

So that’s the scholarly response to the question. But what exactly does it imply in terms of the real world?

If you take into account the fact that the typical French Bulldog weighs around 25 pounds, then the amount of calories that he consumes on a daily basis shouldn’t exceed 25 to 30 calories per pound of body weight.

A dog’s daily consumption of fruit and vegetables should not exceed 20 percent, according to the recommendations of veterinarians.

According to the recommended statistics, your daily caloric intake should not exceed 750 calories in total. Due to the fact that watermelon may be consumed as both a snack and a fruit, the recommended daily consumption is between between 10 and 20 percent.

There are 30 calories in one hundred grams of watermelon, and you should keep your daily calorie intake between 75 and 150. I think it’s best to play it safe, so let’s keep our daily calorie intake to a maximum of seventy-five.

That is equivalent to consuming no more than 250 grams of watermelon every day, as recommended by our veterinarian; nevertheless, this should not be done on a daily basis.

Convenient Tip: Do you want to know what other kinds of fruits your French Bulldog may safely consume? You may click this link to receive a list that ranks and rates the risk of consuming 39 different fruits.

Which part of the watermelon is safe for a Frenchie?

Let’s quickly review the portions of a watermelon or cantaloupe that your French Bulldog is able to consume without risking his health.  

  • Watermelon rind and skin: They won’t become sick from it, but it may be difficult for them to swallow and digest correctly.
  • Watermelon seeds:  It is not recommended that you give this to your Frenchie since it might cause clogs in the intestines, which is especially common in tiny breeds like this one.
  • Watermelon that has just been cut open and eaten fresh: Yes, a French bulldog may consume this food as long as it is properly prepared by being cut into little cubes as described in the following instructions to food preparation:
  • Frozen watermelon:  Yes, this is very safe, and it will prevent any of the nutrients from being lost while they consume it.

How to prepare watermelon for your Frenchie

After determining that feeding a French Bulldog cantaloupe or watermelon is not only acceptable but also beneficial to their health, the next question is how best to cook these fruits for your pet.

This is what happens when we give Claude permission to devour it.

  1. The watermelon should be cut in half lengthwise.
  2. Remove the skin as well as the rind.
  3. Take off the fleshy section that may contain any seeds.
  4. Cubes of three centimeters squared should be the size of the leftover watermelon flesh after it has been chopped.

On a day when the temperature is really high, you could also think about preparing some cool and pleasant frozen watermelon for your French bulldog.

Because Frenchies are prone to overheating, providing them with a treat that is both delicious and (relatively) healthful may be an excellent method to assist in bringing their body temperature back down to a normal range.

All that is asked of you is to place the little cube blocks that you created previously in the freezer and then remove them from the freezer when necessary. This is a snack that not only I like, but also my little kid does, therefore it’s a win-win situation!


On a steamy day in the middle of summer, who doesn’t like eating juicy watermelon?

I am certain of it, and so is the rest of my family—even Claude the Frenchie!

It is now an essential component of any picnic that my family and I could go on during the summer, and we always make sure to have a separate plastic container with us so that Claude’s portions can be stored in there.

On the other hand, the skin and seeds of the watermelon have been fully removed before the cubes are cut.

Therefore, the next time you have a hot summer day and you want to offer your Frenchie a lovely refreshing and cool snack, don’t be scared to go for the watermelon or cantaloupe. Both of these melons are perfect for the occasion.

It will make for a tasty, reviving, and moisturizing treat that is also healthful (in moderate quantities), and he will simply adore it!

Thank you for reading this article, keep an eye on the website for more information on pet knowledge.

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