Is It Okay to Give My Dog Dried Apples?

Yes But only in moderation. Apples are a low-calorie, healthy treat for dogs. Antioxidants, dietary fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C are all found in them. Dried apples, on the other hand, have had their water content stripped away, making them slightly more potent than they appear. Dried apples are also higher in sugar, and some brands may have added salt or sugar, which you should avoid. Fresh apples are unquestionably the healthier option. (For more information, see the link below!)

dried apple

Serving Ideas

It’s fine to give your dog dried apples. In fact, dried apples are included in some dog food brands. Only share in very small amounts and only on rare occasions. If you eat too much, you might get diarrhea or stomach pains. If your dog ate some of the dried apples in your bag, he may be sick for a day or two, but he will soon recover.

WT Online Pet Supplies have a number of articles on foods that are either healthy or dangerous for dogs to eat, including grains, fruits, and vegetables. “Can My Dog Eat Apples?” might also be of interest to you.

This article is not intended to be a replacement for professional veterinary assistance.

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