Is Eating Human Hair Bad for Dogs?

Does eating human hair by dogs cause harm?
I recently received a question from you asking “Is it bad for dogs to eat human hair?” on We have the following analysis piece to help you comprehend this problem:

Is it bad if my dog eats hair?

The good news is that, for the most part, eating human hair isn’t dangerous for dogs. While your dog’s sudden desire to chew on human hair picked up off the floor may seem perplexing to say the least,

However, it’s crucial to recognize that there can be issues in specific situations. If your dog is persistently chewing human hair, for example, you should know why and have solutions ready.

It’s crucial to try to determine why your dog is eating human hair in the first place before even considering how to stop them. The following are some of the most frequent causes of dogs chewing on human hair:

1. Development

Puppies use their lips to investigate the environment, much as infants do. They familiarize themselves with items by chewing and biting those they have never encountered before, and hair is no exception.

Hair may particularly stimulate your dog’s interest from a sensory standpoint because of how it moves and effectively provides feedback when your dog chews on it.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried if you’re wondering why your young dog is chewing on hair. It is very acceptable and natural for them to do so while they are young.

However, it is a good idea to provide your dog a larger variety of chew toys, encouraging them to gently divert their focus away from one’s hair in favor of those toys, if you wish to stop them from chewing human hair.

2. Pica condition

Pica, a condition in which dogs consume non-food items, is typically a behavioral problem, though in rare instances it may be an indication of an underlying health issue.

A very typical example of pica is dogs chewing human hair, and as with other occurrences of pica, the motivation may be compulsion.

Dogs will compulsively eat non-food items like hair for a variety of reasons. It could be an unintentional effort to evade punishment, a taught behavior, an indication of stress or worry.

If your dog was adopted or rescued, it is more possible that they picked up negative behaviors or are reacting to stress from their prior home, which makes pica the likely reason of their hair-eating.

Finding a qualified dog trainer or behaviorist is the best approach to stop this tendency since pica is mostly a psychological problem.

3. Attention-seeking behavior

It is safe to assume that your dog is probably waiting for you to notice if they are attempting to eat the hair that is still connected to your head.

Additionally, if you have ever responded to them chewing hair in the past, even if it was a negative or disciplinarian response, it tells your dog that doing so will garner them attention.

Your dog doesn’t care if the attention is positive or negative since attention is attention.

The easiest method to stop these attention-seeking behaviors in your dog is to ignore them when they begin biting your locks, no matter how annoying it may be.

Combining this with praising them when they behave well stop This will show them that chewing on their own hair won’t get them anywhere and that there are other, more effective methods to grab your attention.

4. Boredom

Another reason for their fondness for human hair is plain old boredom. If you don’t usually react much when they eat human hair and you can rule out other causes like pica and teenage growth, this is the only explanation left.

Eating human hair is one of the most frequent bad habits that dogs develop as a way to pass the time when they are bored.

It is safe to presume that either a lack of stimulation or exercise is to blame for your dog’s boredom. If it’s the former, it suggests that your dog doesn’t get enough walks, and as a result, has a lot of stored up physical energy that they are unable to release.

The second scenario, though, indicates that your dog could not be receiving enough mental activity. This occurs when your dog doesn’t have enough toys or activity to keep their minds active.

Your dog’s bad habit of chewing your hair should reduce as a consequence of addressing the root issue of their boredom, whether that be via increased exercise or more playing.

How do I get my dog to stop eating hair?

Here are some strategies to deter your dog from chewing and consuming human hair in addition to the chew toys and some of the previously provided advice.

  1. Give children a lot of chew toys.
  2. Reduce their tension and boredom.
  3. Clear the floor of hair.
  4. Remove hairbrushes from easy access.

What happens if a dog eats human hair?

The digestive tract of your dog should typically be able to process human hair without any more issues.

However, if your dog swallows a lot of hair, it might turn into a hairball and cause a blockage in your intestines, which could result in gastrointestinal problems.

If your dog eats hair that is covered with hair products that are potentially hazardous to animals, your dog may also suffer health problems as a consequence.

If you think this could have occurred, you should take your dog to the vet right away since it can cause severe, unforeseen health issues.

Handy Tip Do not tug on any human hair that you see coming out of your dog’s behind. Pulling it could cause internal injury if it is wound around an internal organ, so let it flow through on its own.


Therefore, although ingesting the occasional hair may not necessarily hurt your dog, it is obvious that ingesting large clumps of human hair that are also covered in different hair products may have major health consequences. You often won’t know until you detect the human hair in their dog excrement.

However, as we’ve seen, in order to stop it from occurring again in the future, it’s also crucial to look at the underlying reason why your dog is eating human hair.

It is wise to consult a veterinarian or a dog behaviorist if you are unsure.

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