Is Almond Butter Safe for Cats to Eat? Excited Cats: What You Need to Know.

You can feel it…your cat is giving you “the eye” and sending you vibes that say, “I want that.” You’re eating breakfast and spreading almond butter on toast when you realize your cat is sending you “I want that” signals. However, as a responsible pet owner, you should make sure that your cat can consume almond butter without any adverse effects before you give it to him to eat. The good news is that your cat may consume almond butter without any adverse effects. On the other hand, just as with other types of “human” food, it shouldn’t be your cat’s only source of nutrition.

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Are Almonds Toxic for Cats?

Almonds will be our first topic of discussion here. Cats are not at risk of toxicity from eating almonds. All items made with almonds, including almond butter and almond milk, are safe for cats to consume. However, it is not accurate to suggest that almonds are beneficial for all cats because of their nutritional profile. Because their bodies are not used to almonds, certain cats with sensitive stomachs can develop stomach discomfort such as diarrhea if they consume almonds. This is due to the fact that almonds are foreign to their systems.

In addition, before you provide almond nuts to your cat on a regular basis as a snack, you need to make sure that he or she can correctly chew and swallow the nuts. This is due to the fact that the tough nut may provide your cat with a choking threat. In addition, if the nut were to be completely consumed, it might produce a blockage in your cat’s digestive tract, which would need surgical intervention.

Aside from the problems that might arise due to the aforementioned factors, it should not be a problem for healthy cats to ingest almonds.

What Nuts are Poisonous to Cats?

Although there are no nuts that are known to be toxic to cats, you should still take precautions to ensure that your cat does not consume a large quantity of nuts at once. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the high quantities of fat in the nuts have the potential to wreak havoc on the digestive system and may even in rare instances bring about pancreatitis.

Avoid nuts in general, but macadamia nuts in particular. These nuts are well-known to be toxic to canines. Even if it’s unclear whether cats should consume them or not, it’s generally best to err on the side of caution rather than risk becoming sick.

What About Almond Milk?

Somewhat bafflingly, a lot of cats really like the flavor of almond milk. Because it is a sort of milk that does not include lactose, it is the ideal beverage for a thirsty cat. Before you give your cat a lot of almond milk, check to see if she is allergic to almonds and make sure she doesn’t have one. Give her a couple of tablespoons at a time as a test to see how she reacts. This will be plenty (but not an excessive amount) to determine whether or not she has a negative response to the milk. Before you attempt to feed her a lot of almond milk, you need acquire approval from your veterinarian first. This is really important.

bowl of almond milk

What About Almond Butter and Other Nut Butters?

What about almond butter and other nut butters, given that we know that almonds are typically safe for cats to consume?

Because almond butter is really just concentrated almonds, it is advisable to just give your cat a very little amount at a time while they are eating it. Consuming too much of it could make your stomach unhappy. Also, check to see that your almond butter (or any other kind of nut butter) does not include an excessive amount of added sugar. In general, cats should not consume excessive amounts of sugar since this might lead to health issues such as obesity and diabetes in cats.

Even the consistency of nut butter spreads could be too thick for some cats to handle. It is possible that some cats will have trouble getting it down their throat due to the sticky texture of the substance. Be careful to keep a close eye on your cat when you are feeding them the nut butter, and make sure there is enough of water available.

bowl of almond butter

Human Food Cats Shouldn’t Eat

Now that we have this new information, we know that it is generally safe for cats to consume tiny quantities of almonds and almond butter. But are there some foods that should never be given to our feline friends?

Onion or garlic

onions and garlics

Your cat may safely ingest most types of vegetables, but they should avoid onions and garlic. Additionally, this applies to leeks and chives. Any member of this family of vegetables has the potential to harm a cat’s red blood cells, bring on anemia, and/or upset your cat’s digestive system, resulting in symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.



Theobromine, an element that is present in all varieties of chocolate, is known to give cats tremors, irregular cardiac rhythms, seizures, and even cause death in certain cases. If you want to keep your cat happy and healthy, you should never give it any form of chocolate, even if they won’t be interested in it anyhow since cats can’t taste sweet stuff.

Grapes and raisins


Grapes and raisins will have no effect on some cats, while others may suffer renal failure for no apparent reason after consuming either of these items. Do not expose your cat to any kind of grapes under any circumstances; this might be fatal.



The intake of alcohol has a moderate impact on both human brains and our livers, but for cats, these negative consequences of alcohol consumption may be rather severe. Even a little quantity is enough to put a cat into a coma, and in some cases even cause death.


bowl of xylitol

Xylitol is an element that has been shown to be harmless to cats; nevertheless, it is known to be very hazardous to dogs. Even if the judgment is still out on whether or not it is harmful to cats in the long run, it is best to avoid offering this component to your cat for the same reason as macadamia nuts are.

Human Food Cats Can Eat

There are several kinds of food that your cat is not allowed to eat. Your cat could like one of these delicacies as a special reward every once in a while:

  • Carcassée de viande
  • Toasted fish
  • Cheese
  • Veggies
  • Grains that have been prepared.
  • Prepared eggs


You could consider offering your cat a taste of that slice of almond butter toast the next time you notice him ogling it so you can determine whether or not he like it. Almond butter in moderate amounts is generally accepted as safe for consumption by feline species. Just make sure that your cat is eating a brand of cat food that both you and your veterinarian have confidence in so that he may obtain all of the other vital nutrients he needs.

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