Info on the Balinese Cat Breed

Balinese cats are renowned for their intelligence. long and lean. Beautiful cats that can win CFA competitions are balinese. How well do you know this cat? You will comprehend this animal better after reading this post.

Height: 6-7″
Weight: 5-9lbs
Lifespan: 18-23
Colors: Chocolate, lilac, seal, blue
Fits: Children-focused families
Temperament: Active, goofy, loyal, smart, loving, chatty

Balinese Kittens – Before You Buy

Intelligent Balinese cats require plenty of stimulus. When you’re away, keep your cat entertained with puzzle toys that unlock goodies to prevent boredom and mischief. These outgoing cats need daily attention, so they’re perfect for families.

These kitties are talkative. Balinese cats want constant conversation. If that’s not what you want, get a different breed.

What’s the Price of Balinese Kittens?

Price depending on lineage and breeder. A Balinese kitten with restricted registration that can’t compete costs $400-$600.

A middle-tier Balinese kitten with a typical pedigree costs $650-$800.

Balinese kittens from reputable breeding farms with great pedigrees cost above $750, frequently over $2,000.

3 Little-Known Facts About Balinese Cats

1. Balinese Cats are an Offshoot of the Siamese Breed

Balinese are Siamese offspring. Long hair is a Siamese mutation that was formerly rejected until the CFA registered the first one. In the 1950s, America began breeding these cats. After numerous generations of working together, these breeders created the longhaired Siamese cat.

2. They’re Named for the Dancers of a Country They’re Not From

Siamese breeders didn’t like the new breed sharing their name, therefore a new name was required. Helen Smith, a breeder of longhaired Siamese cats, named them Balinese. It’s named after Bali’s famous dancers. The cat’s never been there.

3. They’re Some of the Most Vocal Cats

Balinese cats converse with their owners. They’ll chat as long as you listen. If you like personifying your pets, a Balinese cat is a good fit for you.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Balinese

Balinese cats are very energetic and adore attention. They’re also smart, learning techniques with positive reinforcement. You’ll need humor and energy to deal with these playful kitties.

The Balinese are loyal and kind, so expect them to be beneath your feet. They’re friendly cats that make great companions for cuddly families.

Are These Cats Good for Families? 

Balinese cats love families, especially ones with children. These playful, friendly cats demand plenty of attention and engagement. One person may have trouble stimulating a Balinese if they work 40 hours a week.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

Balinese cats get along well with most canines. They’re friendly with other animals. They’re affectionate with everyone, even other pets.

Things to Know When Owning a Balinese:

Dietary Requirements

Your Balinese cat may become fat like any pets. To prevent this, don’t overfeed your cat. Balinese cats have no further dietary recommendations.


Intelligent and energetic, Balinese cats need plenty of exercise. You’ll need to play with them and provide toys to keep them busy. When cats play with other pets, they receive exercise.


Smart cats are simple to teach. If they’re motivated, they’ll learn orders and tricks rapidly. Instead of scolding them, employ positive reinforcement.


Balinese cats lack undercoats, making grooming easy. Remove dead hair once or twice a week. Balinese cats barely shed, making them ideal for folks who desire a clean cat.

You may sometimes clean them down with a moist towel. Keep their nails clipped and teeth cleaned.

Health and Conditions 

Balinese cats are typically healthy, however occasional health issues might arise.

Small Problems

  • Crossed eyes, or convergent strabismus, are natural in Balinese cats. It’s harmless, so don’t worry about it.
  • Acromelanism causes a cat’s coat to change color with temperature.
  • Periodontal disease begins as gingivitis induced by plaque accumulation on gum-contact teeth. Balinese cats often have it, so brush and floss thoroughly.

Male vs Female

Males are larger than females, like with many cat breeds. They’re heavier and taller.

  • Russian White

Final Thoughts

The Balinese are a less active and demanding branch of the Siamese. The Balinese has longer fur, hence it was previously dubbed the longhaired Siamese before being named after Bali’s beautiful dancers.

These smart cats learn quickly and need attention. They make faithful and caring friends. You’ll need wit. These clown cats love to make you laugh. Cats speak as much as children, so be prepared for many chats.

If you adore this breed of cat, purchase one for yourself to take care of. Seek out further articles on the website to learn more about pets.

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