Important Information Regarding COVID-19 and Pets

Coronavirus is considered as one of their major viruses. The virus makes the patient feel tired, cold, ..
Some organisms, such as ibis, camels, etc. are also affected by other organisms. Animals are only infected with certain types of coronavirus, not humans. Important Information Regarding COVID-19 and Pets

Risk of the virus that causes COVID-19 spreading between pets and people

COVID-19 is caused by a virus that may be transmitted from humans to animals via intimate contact. The virus that causes COVID-19 has infected pets all around the globe, including cats and dogs, mainly following intimate contact with individuals who have the disease.

COVID-19 is unlikely to transfer from pets to humans.

  • Masks should not be worn by pets since they may damage them.
  • Do not use chemical disinfectants, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or other items like hand sanitizer, counter-cleaning wipes, or other industrial or surface cleansers to wipe or wash your pet. There is no indication that the virus may be transmitted to humans via pet skin, fur, or hair. If you have any queries regarding what items to use to bathe or clean your pet, see your veterinarian.

Protect pets if you are sick

If you have COVID-19 (suspected or proven by a test), you should avoid contact with your pets and other animals, just as you would with humans. Petting, caressing, kissing, licking, sharing meals, and sleeping in the same bed are all examples of contact.

Visit What to Do If You Get Sick for additional information.

What to do if you think your pet has the virus that causes COVID-19

Infected pets may or may not get ill as a result of the infection. The majority of the sick pets just had a minor sickness and were able to completely recover. Serious disease in dogs and cats is exceedingly uncommon.

Pets with symptoms generally have a minor ailment that may be treated at home.

COVID-19-infected pets may develop the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Breathing problems or shortness of breath
  • Laziness (unusual lack of energy or sluggishness)
  • Sneezing
  • a stuffy nose
  • discharge from the eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Consult your veterinarian if your pet is unwell and you suspect it is caused by the COVID-19 virus.

If you have COVID-19 and your pet becomes ill as well,  You should not take your pet to the veterinarian on your own. . Notify your veterinarian that you are suffering with COVID-19. Telemedicine consultations or other programs for treating ill dogs may be available from certain veterinarians.

What to do if your pet tests positive

Your veterinarian may advise you to isolate your pet at home, depending on his or her symptoms.

If your veterinarian suggests home isolation and you are able to care for your pet at home, do so unless you need medical attention. A pet may be isolated in the same manner as a COVID-19-infected human is. When caring for a sick pet, use the same care that you would if you were caring for an infected human at home.

Cats must be kept inside. Do not let cats outdoors that have tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Monitor your pet’s symptoms

During home isolation, it’s critical to keep note of your pet’s symptoms. Call your veterinarian if you suspect your pet is developing new symptoms or is becoming worse.

Follow your veterinarian’s treatment recommendations to the letter. Your doctor may want you to maintain a written journal of your pet’s symptoms.

When to end home isolation of your pet

Follow your veterinarian’s recommendations for when your pet can be around other people and animals. If your pet meets the following criteria, he or she should be able to resume regular activities:

  • Without medical attention, the pet has not displayed any symptoms for at least 72 hours;


  • The pet hasn’t had a positive test in at least 14 days;


  • All subsequent testing for the present illness have come up negative.

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