How To Wash A Dog Bed?

It’s crucial to wash your dog’s bed on a regular basis, just as you would with your own. It’s even better than sleeping in your own bed.

Dogs are masters at bringing love and wags into any area, but they’re also adept at carrying muck and garbage in from the outside inside, this includes their beds. If you don’t clean your dog’s bed, it will not only smell bad, but it will also attract all kinds of hazardous germs and fleas.

Maybe your pet’s bedding has a strong odor, a couple of lint rollers aren’t getting rid of the loose dirt and hair, or the stain remover isn’t working on that one persistent pee stain. Look no farther if you’re wondering how to clean a dog bed. This article on how to wash a dog bed was put together to assist you provide your pet with a secure and comfortable place to sleep at night.

A Guide to Washing Your Dog’s Bed

When it comes to washing your dog’s bed, the first thing to consider is the sort of bed they have, since various types of mattresses need different treatment. 

There are two sorts of dog beds when it comes to cleaning: those with detachable covers and those without.

Dogs Beds With Removable Covers 

Both the dog bedding and the detachable cover should be washed when cleaning dog beds. Remove the cover from a dog bed with a detachable cover and double-check the label to determine whether it can be machine cleaned. If it may be washed, do it as normal, bearing in mind the following guidelines:

  • Vacuum your dog bed to remove any extra dirt or hair before washing.
  • Use a pet-safe detergent that is non-toxic.
  • To destroy germs, wash at the highest temperature possible.
  • To ensure that all of the detergent is removed, run an additional cycle.
  • Allow the bed to air dry or place it in a low-heat dryer – Dryer sheets should not be used.
  • Run the washing on empty with one cup of vinegar to get rid of any remaining filth or pet hair.

You’ll want to hand wash any dog bed coverings that aren’t machine washable and follow the same methods as you would for dog beds with non-removable covers.

Dogs Beds With Non-Removable Covers 

Beds that do not have detachable covers must be cleaned by hand. Here’s how to do it safely: 

  1. Remove any filth or hair from your dog’s bed using a vacuum.
  2. Fill a big basin or bath with enough water to cover your dog’s bed entirely.
  3. Soak the bed for 10-15 minutes in warm water using a non-toxic detergent.
  4. Scrub with baking soda and a toothbrush to get into the corners and eliminate any leftover scents.
  5. Rinse.
  6. Wring it out and hang it to dry in the sun.

Following these procedures will clean your dog’s bed in general, however some additional measures may be required for pet beds that have stains.

How to Wash Dog Bed With Urine and Other Stains 

You may be asking how to wash a dog bed with pee or other stains now that you know how to keep a dog bed clean in general. If your dog’s bed still has stains after being cleaned, the good news is that there are a few options for cleaning it.

  • For minor stains on the surface Spot clean stains that need a little more care, such as those caused by dirt and mud, using a pet-friendly detergent. Work the detergent into the stain with a cloth or a brush in tiny circular movements, then wash the bed as usual.
  • For spots that need a stronger treatment Try using an enzyme cleanser to remove contaminants such as those found in urine or feces. Enzyme cleansers break down the organic stuff that causes the stain by adhering to it and breaking it down at its source. Before cleaning the pet bed, follow the particular directions on the package to use an enzyme cleaner. Vinegar products should be avoided since they may neutralize the cleaner’s effects. 

To preserve your dog’s skin, avoid applying strong chemicals over the whole bed for harder stains. 

Keeping Your Pet’s Bed Clean

Washing your dog’s bed on a regular basis is one of the simplest methods to ensure that it remains clean. Dog bedding should be cleaned, according to PetMD. once a week or every two weeks at the very least help keep your pet’s health and safety at their best. 

There are a few more things you can do between washes to keep your dog’s bed clean:

  • Regularly vacuum your pet’s bed.
  • When your dog comes in from outdoors, be sure to wash their paws.
  • Invest on a waterproof cover.
  • To destroy germs, place the bed in direct sunshine.
  • To keep fleas away, wash the bed with a 1:1 mixture of water and apple cider vinegar.

You can help keep your pet’s bed clean and your house safer if you follow these steps.

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