How Much Does A Rottweiler Cost?


The Rottweiler breed is rising in recognition and has become a favorite among people who keep pets as hobbies. Because of this, the cost of Rottweiler pups also draws a lot of interest. What factors affect the price of a Rottweiler dog? and other queries from readers will be addressed by in this post.

How Much Does A Rottweiler Cost?

American vs German

Registration of German lineages with the ADRK ( Club for German Rottweilers (registered with the American Kennel Club) are more costly than American lineages. The working pedigree and the care the puppy gets before to sale account for this variation.

Representatives of ADRK strictly oversee and keep an eye on the breeding of these pups.

“Block-heads” are a typical term for German lineages. This is because they have a different head shape than Americans. These dogs often have a bigger head, higher set ears, and a longer tail. They are also wider and more muscular.

German variations are bred to be mellow, dependable working dogs. They are considered working dogs rather than pets. Many are employed in law enforcement or counseling.

A purebred puppy with an ADRK registration will cost between $2,700 and $3,000. The likelihood is that your puppy would need to be brought from Germany, and freight costs start at $400.

Individuals imported from Germany won’t be picked to be family dogs

A less expensive American puppy will fit your family better if you are not concerned with lineage or working pedigree.

The average American family will choose between an unpapered puppy, which will cost between $1,000 and $1,500, or an American Kennel Club registered puppy. Puppies without papers cannot be advertised as purebred.

Price By State

Despite having German roots, the Rottweiler is the most common breed in France. In Detroit, the US, Rottweilers are the most well-liked dog breed.

The demand for pups in a particular state and the availability of breeders there will have an impact on the pricing of Rottweilers.

Breeders will charge extra for their pups if there is a large demand for puppies and few breeders. The adoption cost will be cheaper, however, if there is limited demand and a large number of breeders.

Prices for purebred Rottweilers are roughly $1,000 more expensive in North Carolina, Georgia, and California than in Texas and Virginia. The cost of shipping your dog from another state to your state might rise from $120 to $300.

A table with the pricing ranges for purebred puppies by state is shown below:

State Range
Texas $750 – $3,000
Virginia $800 – $1,000
A new York $1,000 – $3,000
N. Carolina $1,500 – $2,500
Georgia $1,500 – $2,500
California $1,750 – $2,500

Breeders often charge comparable prices in comparable locations. With some variance for pedigree and color, the majority of breeders in one state typically charge around the same sum for their pups.

Coat color is another characteristic that may influence puppy cost.

Rottweilers that are red are incredibly uncommon and unrecognized. They are seldom bred for and often the product of inbreeding.

Blue is yet another coat color option. Genetic mutations that induce a dilution in the black coat, turning it more gray or slate blue, are the source of blue coats.

Red or blue pups may cost up to $1,000 extra because of their rarity.

Fortunately, a dog’s coat color has little bearing on how well they will protect your family. The typical American household does well with a conventional black and rust colored dog.

Purebred vs Unpapered

Rottweilers without papers are less expensive than purebred registered pups.

The unregistered puppy will cost less from a respectable breeder and will often cost between $1,000 and $1,200.

the purebred, Puppy with kennel club registration will cost about $1,500.

Unless they are expressly seeking for a show dog or want a dog with lineage from a respected breeder, most households do not purchase a registered Rottweiler.

Puppies that are not registered make excellent household pets and watchdogs. They often also come with a breeder’s health guarantee.

Your puppy will still have a ferocious guard dog instinct in him even if he is not registered. Regardless of registration, you may educate your Rottweiler to be your family’s guard dog since guarding is one of their inherent instincts.

Puppy mills or backyard breeders are often the source of puppies for under $900.

These dogs are often selected because they are less costly, but their long-term costs are typically higher owing to healthcare costs.

Puppies from backyard breeders or puppy factories often have major health problems as they age because of high inbreeding. These breeders give their babies very little care and just sell them for money.

Rottweiler Price Range

American Rottweiler Puppy

Prices for purebred Rottweiler pups range from $800 to $4,000. An American puppy costs, on average, $1,450 from a reputable breeder. Puppies with German bloodlines may cost up to $4,000 and start at about $2,700.

Usually, an expert breeder will charge between $1,450 and $2,000 for an American puppy with a Kennel Club registration. This is because these dogs are bred with great care.

Due of the tremendous care and effort that goes into producing and growing healthy pups, reputable breeders charge extra for their puppies. This is true for all breeds and is one of the factors contributing to the high cost of French Bulldogs.

For the first eight to ten weeks of their lives, the top breeders will start socializing their pups. This is crucial for a breed like the Rottweiler since they may become hostile very fast.

A trustworthy breeder would often provide a health certificate, guarantee, kennel club registration papers, and pedigree with a purebred puppy that costs $1,500.

Cheaper $800 pups won’t have any assurances or health certifications, and the breeder won’t be held liable for any future health problems. Although the lower adoption price may be alluring, the longer-term medical bills sometimes make adoptions more costly.

The following table contrasts the cost of a Rottweiler dog with a puppy:

Price Suffix
Puppy $800 $1,500 $4,000
Adult $0 $300 $450

A registered dog does not cost anything for the average household. If genes and lineage don’t matter to you, an unpapered puppy will nonetheless be devoted and guardive. Most people choose one of these pups as their family dog.

A Rottweiler without papers will cost between $1,000 and $1,200.

A decent home might cost up to $450 to adopt a Rottweiler older than a year.

They often enter animal shelters later in life due to hostility or shifting circumstances ( e.g., housing costs, financial expenses ). Your local shelter can be a fantastic location to start searching for a full-grown Rottweiler in need of a loving home if you are not looking for a puppy.

Rottweiler Mix Price

Cheaper than purebreds, some Rottweiler mixes also exhibit guard dog characteristics. Sometimes mixes are a perfect fit for families and are substantially less expensive. Registration and lack of purebred status are not necessarily relevant as long as the breeder guarantees your puppy’s health:

  • The typical price range for a Rottweiler/German shepherd mix is $250–850. These canines are obedient and devoted, and they are sprung from two German guard dogs. Typically, they resemble a fluffy Rottweiler!
  • The price range for a Rottweiler/Lab mix is approximately $300–600. They are playful, friendly, and active dogs, but they are not as guardian-like as purebreds.
  • A pitbull x rottweiler hybrid may cost between $150 and $800. Like both parent breeds, these dogs are very devoted and protective. Despite being tiny, if not properly taught, they have the potential to become aggressive and dominant.
  • The cost of a Rottweiler x Husky mix is normally between $500 and $1,000. Because of the Husky parent, they are more pricey. The stoic Rottweiler parent may impart a caring, even clinging disposition, thus this cross requires more careful training.

Why Are Rottweilers So Expensive?

Mom & Rottweiler Puppies

A purebred Rottweiler puppy will cost between $1,450 and $2,000 from breeders.

the breeder, state, and lineage of a Rottweiler, as well as the attention a puppy gets.

The adoption cost for the pups includes any care provided by the breeder. Puppy prices will be more for pups with health certificates, vaccines, and guarantees than for puppies without.

Due of the prevalence of hip dysplasia in the breed, the majority of breeders check the hips of both parents. These tests should be performed before the parents are mated and may range in price from $60 to $170. Before breeding, reputable breeders would carefully check both parents for hereditary health problems.

For a male, the stud cost is roughly $500. For every litter, an ultrasound and puppy supplies cost roughly $500. Each litter costs roughly $250 in total, including additional food for the mother and special puppy food.

About $300 each puppy is spent on vaccines and registration.

AKC-registered breeders will charge extra for their pups. They strictly adhere to breeding guidelines and place a strong emphasis on their dogs’ ability to compete in shows. These pups are more meant to compete and pass on the lineage than they are to be a household dog.

The sum of the aforementioned expenses is around $1,500 every litter, plus an extra $300 for each new puppy.

This explains why a Rottweiler puppy often costs $1,450.

Even more costly are German pups that have been bred to ADRK standards.

Even if they are domesticated, the bloodlines are restricted, and registration is more costly.

Breeders often import German pups, which are then adopted by individuals for use in displaying or demanding guard dog tasks. The police often have AKC-registered pups with potential ADRK ancestry.

Breeding is strictly controlled in accordance with ADRK guidelines. The hygiene, puppy care, and socialization of a recognized breeder are always subject to inspection by ADRK personnel.

What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Puppy


You must first choose if an American or German Rottweiler is the best breed for you and your family before making your puppy selection.

For households that just want a guard dog, an unpapered American puppy is often the best option. They typically cost $1,000 to $1,200.

A purebred dog might be a better option if bloodlines and genealogy are important to you.


For someone seeking a fierce guard dog, a purebred puppy from Germany would be ideal. They are often employed as police or military dogs since they are bred to be working dogs.

If you want to display your dog or are really worried about health concerns, you should choose the American. The American should be purchased by anybody interested in Rottweiler breeding and competition due of their lineage.

The greatest breed for you if you’re seeking for a family guard dog that has undergone safe breeding is an American.

Whatever option you decide, there are a few fundamental rules to follow when picking a puppy.

See The Parents

Always ask to view both parents from the breeder. It’s typical to sometimes only be able to view the mother when a stud has been utilized.

Because Rottweilers were designed to defend and protect, if the parents of your dog are extremely aggressive, the pups will probably behave in the same manner. If the parents are not amiable, well-mannered, and approachable, this breeder may not be the best choice for you.

An violent dog is not what you want if you’re seeking for a family security dog.

Ask the mother how many litters she has had when you visit her. This can also assist you gain understanding of any behavioral or health difficulties. You should be warned that having additional litters often results in problems with ear, eye, and hip development if she has been bred more than three times.

Ask Questions

Ask a lot of questions about the care, health, background, and personality of the puppy. Your puppy should arrive with a health certificate and seem to have been well-fed and taken care of.

Additionally, you should look at the parents’ health and background.

A hip test result is often requested since this breed is very susceptible to hip dysplasia.

Answer Questions

Also be ready to respond to the breeder’s queries.

They are a breed that is built for guarding and is protective.

A respectable breeder will probably ask you questions since they want to make sure that their pups are going to loving homes. Applications and down payments are also used to verify a buyer’s commitment to bringing a puppy home and caring for him or her appropriately.

See The Puppies

When choosing a Rottweiler puppy, there are a few fundamental guidelines to keep in mind.

A mouthy and lively puppy from the litter will be more pushy. The assertive dog will also have more aggressive tendencies since they are guard dogs.

Usually, the puppy in the corner is more timid, meek, and subservient. This puppy will be more fearful and defensive for a Rottweiler, which might cause a violent reaction or fear bite.

Your ideal puppy will be interested but not too dominating, with fewer aggressive tendencies and more guarding characteristics.

Cost Of Keeping A Rottweiler

Adult Black and Tan Rottweiler

Taking into account all the costs associated with having a Rottweiler, The average lifetime cost is $22,000. . Based on a ten-year life expectancy and the $2,200 per year you will be spending on them, this conclusion was reached.

A large dog is not inexpensive to own.

The cost of necessities like food, veterinary care, instruction, and insurance soon mounts up.

Due to their hips, insurance is often a wise idea for this breed. This dog has a high incidence of hip dysplasia.

A Rottweiler puppy’s necessities cost roughly $400. Bowls, leashes, collars, beds, crates, toys, nail clippers, and even poop bags are included in this list.

It is a huge breed that develops fast, thus a puppy kennel is inappropriate for this breed. Rottweilers often weigh 60 to 70 pounds at six months old! Due to their size, larger toys and crates are needed, both of which are more costly.

They should attend puppy lessons and training since they were bred to be security dogs.

Whether it’s fundamental puppy obedience or more complex lessons, training gives these protective giants the socialization they need. Typical training costs between $200 and $300 for a six-week program.

There are specific guard dog training programs available if your puppy will serve as a guard dog. Depending on the intensity and career you are preparing for, training prices might vary. Training for guard and service dogs may cost between $15,000 and $50,000.

It will cost money to feed your Rottweiler.

Due to the higher cost of puppy food, particularly if you choose big breed puppy food, the average monthly cost to feed a puppy is $40. Adult dogs consume roughly $35 per month in food.


The cost of a Rottweiler depends on its bloodline, breeder, color, state, and puppy care.

The most costly breed is a purebred ADRK puppy from Germany, which costs between $2,700 and $4,000.

the typical A young American Rottweiler costs $1,450. . This puppy will have registration papers from the Kennel Club and will be from a reputable breeder.

Typically, an unregistered Rottweiler will be adopted by an average American household. An unpapered puppy should cost between $1,000 and $1,200. Do not purchase pups for less than $900.

As they age, Rottweilers may have serious joint and hip problems. Hip and elbow dysplasia may be prevented with proper breeding practices and puppy care.

This breed makes a loving, loyal, and guarding family member. Let us know here whether they are the best choice for you.

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