How Long Do Dogs Live?

Having a puppy to play with is one of life’s greatest joys. These animal pals always give us unconditional affection, strong friendship, and lots of smiles.
However, as is common knowledge, people live longer than dogs. Many individuals now regret getting your dog. How long do dogs live, then?

How Long Do Mixed Breed Dogs Live?

Owners of mixed-breed dogs may use a dog’s weight to estimate how long they can expect him or her to live. Small dogs often live longer than their bigger counterparts. Dogs under 20 pounds had an average longevity of 11 years, but those above 90 pounds generally survived for just 8 years, according to a recent examination of medical data. At around 11 years old, medium and giant canines were in the center. (Banfield Pet Hospital, 2013 State of Pet Health Report)

However, the average lifespan does not tell the complete picture. By definition, many people will live shorter lives than average, while others might be anticipated to live far longer lives than average. Perhaps converting “dog years” to “human years” would be a more accurate approach to determine a dog’s lifetime. This helps us determine whether a dog is an adult, a senior, geriatric, or the canine counterpart of a human centenarian.


While knowing a dog’s anticipated life expectancy won’t lessen the pain of their passing, it can help owners make the most of the time they do have together.

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