Has Your Chihuahua Got to Wear Clothes?

You bring clothing for the dog that is functional as well. It might demonstrate the owner’s affection and care for his dog.
On the other side, covering up also aids in keeping your pet clean. Does your Chihuahua dog wear clothes or not? If not, try visiting wt online pet supplies here to browse the collection and sample.

On our Facebook page, cute Chis wearing cute outfits frequently appear. Because of those clothes, pet parents occasionally receive criticism. The typical response is something like, “Your dog is not a doll to play dress up with,” “let dogs be dogs,” or “my dog hates clothes; I would never force her to wear them.”

All of those opinions are reasonable, but they don’t really treat Chihuahua owners fairly. Your dog should be dressed for a number of very good reasons. And not all dogs despise it, despite popular belief. Many dogs enjoy wearing costumes. I can attest to this (not with my Chi but with one of my big dogs).

Reasons to Dress Your Chi

  • Warmth  Since chihuahuas have a tendency to get cold easily, it’s a good idea to provide them with a sweater or shirt to wear in cool environments or in homes with powerful air conditioning.

  • Protection  The protection from the elements offered by clothing. It can shield them from sunburn, and shoes and boots can shield their paws from hot concrete, ice, jagged rocks and glass, salt, and chemicals used in deicers.
  • Cuteness A little Chi girl wearing a frilly dress or a little Chi boy looking dapper in a cute outfit both have an undeniable cuteness factor. Many Chihuahuas enjoy the attention they receive as a result of their adorable appearance.

Reasons NOT to Dress Your Chi

  • Your dog absolutely freaks out whenever you try to put on clothes because she detests wearing them.
  • Your dog is prone to heat exhaustion (usually not an issue with Chihuahuas).

So how do I dress my Kilo Chihuahua? No and yes. When it’s just too cold, I do have a few sweaters that I can put on her. Although she despises it, at least she stays warm. She’s one of those dogs that just really despises wearing clothes, so I don’t push the matter as much as I would love to dress her up in pretty little dresses.

Does your Chi wear clothes? If not, why not? Please feel free to post a picture in the comments of your Chihuahua dressed.

Michael Hogan

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