German Shepherd Height and Weight Chart

One of the best dog breeds for both military and police work is the German Shepherd. because they are intelligent, active, and task-loving.
The size of an adult German Shepherd is not at all surprising. What is the German Shepherd’s development and weight chart? Follow along with the article below.

German Shepherd Growth & Weight Chart

These figures are approximations that show you how much a German Shepherd weighs on a monthly basis. If your puppy is a little behind or ahead, don’t panic; just make sure to take them to the doctor on a regular basis to make sure they’re healthy and content.

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Male German Shepherd Growth Chart

Age Height Weight
1 month 4 – 6″ 5.5 – 9 pounds
24 weeks 7 – 9″ 16 – 20 pounds
30 days 9 – 11” 22 – 30 pounds
one year 11 – 14″ 35 – 40 pounds
one year 14 – 16″ 40 – 49 pounds
sixty days 16 – 18″ 49 – 57 pounds
one year 19 – 20″ 57 – 62 pounds
7 months 20 – 22” 62 – 66 pounds
90 days 21 – 23” 64 – 71 pounds
one year 22 – 24″ 66 – 73 pounds
one year 22 – 24″ 71 – 75 pounds
1 year 22 – 24″ 71 – 79 pounds
1.5 years 23 – 25″ 71 – 79 pounds
2 years 23 – 23″ 71 – 84 pounds
3 years 24 – 26″ 79 – 88 pounds

German Shepherds are sized from the tips of their paws to the tops of their shoulder blades when standing.

Female German Shepherd Growth Chart

Age Height Weight
1 month 3 – 6″ 4.5 – 8 pounds
24 weeks 6 – 9″ 11 – 17 pounds
30 days 8 – 10″ 17 – 26 pounds
one year 10 – 12″ 31 – 35 pounds
one year 12 – 14″ 35 – 44 pounds
sixty days 15 – 17″ 44 – 49 pounds
one year 17 – 19″ 49 – 53 pounds
7 months 18 – 20″ 53 – 57 pounds
90 days 19 – 21″ 55 – 60 pounds
one year 19 – 21″ 57 – 62 pounds
one year 20 – 22″ 60 – 64 pounds
1 year 20 – 22″ 60 – 64 pounds
aged 1.5 years 21 – 22″ 60 – 66 pounds
2 years 21 – 22″ 60 – 66 pounds
3 years 22 – 24” 66 – 70 pounds

When do German Shepherds stop growing?

A lot of huge breeds, When a German Shepherd dog is about 18 months old, it is considered to be completely developed. . While male German Shepherds continue to grow until they are two and a half years old, female German Shepherds continue to fill out until they are approximately two years old. Males take longer to fill out their chest and abdomen since they are bigger.

The German Shepherd weight chart shows that while these dogs may continue to grow until they are three years old, the bulk of that development takes place during the first 24 months. Contact your veterinarian if your GSD is older than 36 months and still gaining weight to make sure the weight increase is not turning into obesity.

How big should a 6-month-old German Shepherd be?

Given that many German Shepherd puppies have significant growth spurts between the ages of two and five months, a six-month-old German Shepherd puppy will be rather huge. six months later, German Shepherd puppies weigh 53 pounds on average. typically, while An average female weighs 46 pounds. .

How much bigger will my German Shepherd get?

There are a several methods for estimating a German Shepherd’s future size.

First, Verify the age of your pet. . If your GSD is under two years old, they will unquestionably have space to develop!

Another indicator that your dog has a lot of growing to go is Paw size . In relation to their legs and bodies, do their paws seem to be large? This is a typical adolescent dog characteristic, which indicates that your dog is probably still developing.

If you purchased your German Shepherd from a breeder, they ought to be able to provide you with an exact weight estimate depending on your breed. puppy’s guardians & previous litters Typically, a dog won’t become bigger than its bigger parents.

What is the size of a full-grown German shepherd?

According to the American Kennel Club German Shepherd Standard, an adult male German Shepherd is normally 24 to 26 inches tall, while an adult female German Shepherd is typically 22 to 24 inches tall.

Between sexes, the predicted full-size varies considerably. Regarding weight, German Shepherd males often weigh between 75 and 90 pounds as adults. German Shepherd females typically weigh between 55 and 70 pounds.

To give you an idea of how much larger a German Shepherd puppy may become, please bear in mind that these measurements are simply estimations. Due to a number of hereditary and environmental variables, some dogs will be both smaller and bigger than these weight ranges when they are completely grown.

How do I make sure my German Shepherd is healthy?

In order for your German shepherd to enjoy a healthy and long life, preventive care is essential. visiting with your German Shepherd routine veterinary visits is among the finest things you can do to make sure they’re healthy and at their best. An skilled vet can evaluate your pet’s health, provide general wellness and health advice, and keep an eye out for prevalent, breed-specific ailments.

German Shepherds are especially prone to a disorder termed stomach dilatation-volvulus or “bloat” owing to their big stature, deep chests, and high activity level. Additionally, they are more prone to hip and digestive system problems. A vet should frequently examine your pet for these health issues and do testing for any conditions that they could be more susceptible to because of their breed. Preventive medicine is unquestionably essential if you want your dog to live long, robust lives with you and your family.

For your pet to be healthy and live a long time, regular vet appointments are essential. Planning for the expense of accidents or sickness is also crucial. Treatment for a variety of ailments, such as bloat and GI problems, may be quite expensive.

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