For what purposes were chihuahuas bred?

One of the tiniest breeds of household dogs is the chihuahua. It bears the name of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Why were Chihuahuas bred for what, then? Let’s use to learn more.

Then, why were Chihuahuas bred in the first place? Chihuahuas are descended from an old dog known as the Techichi dog, which lived in Mexico. The Chihuahua’s progenitors were initially raised for a variety of reasons, including companionship, participation in religious rites and ceremonies, and even for consumption as food. On the other hand, Chihuahuas produced now are only ever intended to be companion animals.

The majority of people are only aware of a small portion of the Chihuahua’s rich history. And in contrast to some dogs, the distinction between the two colors is not as clear-cut as black and white. Having said that, let’s investigate the convoluted history of the Chihuahua and find out the real reasons why these dogs were produced in the first place.

The Chihuahua Origins

Chihuahuas were thought to have originated from an ancient civilisation in Mexico for a considerable amount of time (hundreds of years). Despite the fact that all of above is accurate, previous scholars have argued that the dogs that gave rise to the Chihuahua breed actually originated on the Asian continent . To be more exact, they trace their origins to China.

Given the Chihuahua’s status as a cultural emblem and the importance it has long had in Mexican society, this assertion is sure to spark debate. They are not the official national dog of Mexico (that honor goes to the Xoloitzcuintli), but they may easily fill that role.

But in spite of these new assertions, we are confident in saying that the Chihuahua breed as it exists in its contemporary form was created in the country of Mexico . This is due to the fact that they were descended from an old Mexican dog known as the Techichi .

Bred From the Ancient Techichi

It has been widely held since ancient times that Chihuahuas descended from a primitive dog that belonged to Mexico’s Toltec indigenous people. often referred to as the Techichi dog. The lineage of these canines may be traced all the way back to 9th century after Christ !

One of the things that makes the Techichi so fascinating is the fact that they’re silent dogs . To put it another way, they did not make any noise. In addition, it is unknown if they were even capable of making a barking sound. However, when one considers the fact that Chihuahuas are known for their excessive barking, it is quite difficult to believe that they descended from dogs who were unable to speak.

Regrettably, there is not a great deal of information available on these ancient Mexican canines. We don’t have a lot of information about the dog breeds that the Chihuahua descended from. The Techichi dogs are no longer with us, therefore the only information that researchers have about them comes from ancient artifacts.

What Chihuahuas Were Originally Bred For

Almost every single dog breed that exists today was created with the intention of filling a certain function or part in human civilization. For instance, Australian Shepherds were developed specifically for the purpose of herding animals. Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve game. Even Pit Bulls were developed specifically for the illegal blood sport known as bull-baiting.

However, the Chihuahua is not one of the breeds of dog that was developed specifically for any one “working” profession in particular. Despite this, these canines were used for a variety of vocations and purposes in the past. In point of fact, the ancient Chihuahua were responsible for some of the most peculiar jobs in their culture. The Chihuahua was a breed of dog that could serve a variety of purposes.

To get a whole picture of the Chihuahua’s historical function, we need to start with the ancient Techichi who lived in Mexico. They are their descendants, even if they are not precisely the same dogs. true breed with ancestral roots

Chihuahuas as Sacrificial Dogs

Chihuahuas are descended from the Techichi dog, and because of this, they were often used in religious rituals and ceremonies. Unfortunately, this indicates that Chihuahuas were used as sacrifices in several Toltec rituals and ceremonies. .

In addition to this, there is evidence that the ancient Aztecs and Toltecs thought that these toy dogs had supernatural powers. assisted the spirit on its descent towards the underworld. when one has died. Because of this, it was common practice to inter the Techichi dogs together with their owners and other members of the family who had passed away.

In spite of the fact that it may seem like these ancient civilizations mistreated these dogs, this is not really the case. The Toltec people had a lot of affection for these canines, so when they weren’t being used in rituals involving sacrifice or being buried, they received excellent care.

Due of the people’s reverence for dogs, these canines were revered as holy creatures. relationships to the many religious observances . In addition, as you may have imagined, they were among the most popular companion pets in ancient Mexico, making them one of the most popular pets overall.

Chihuahuas For Food

The majority of countries in the western world have put an end to the practice of canine eating nowadays. Even in locations across the globe, such as Korea, where the consumption of dog meat is permitted by law, the practice is nonetheless regarded socially unacceptable.

On the other hand, this conception was not universally held at all times in every region of the globe. The majority of western countries did not pass laws prohibiting the consumption of dog meat until the year. early in the 1900s .

Having said that, Chihuahuas, often known as Techichi dogs, were popular. also developed for the purpose of consumption. . In point of fact, almost ten percent of the ancient Mayans’ total meat diet came from their cherished canine companions.

It is difficult to understand why these individuals made the decision to consume such a “holy” animal as a pet. Nevertheless, there are experts who feel that the Food was in scarce supply during much of human history. and were forced to indulge in such consumption as a result. Despite this, we do not have any evidence that can be taken as proof that this idea is correct.

Bred as Companions

Chihuahuas were popular in addition to being offered as sacrifices and consumed as food. Toltec family members’ constant buddies and friends . Even after all of these years, they continue to be among the finest canine friends that can be found anywhere in the globe.

The dogs in question were (and still are) charming and affectionate , making them ideal companions for children and adults alike regardless of the era. The Toltec inhabitants inhabited the compact dwellings that were scattered across the densely populated ancient metropolis. Because of this, maintaining a little dog that didn’t bark, like a Techichi, was an option. an excellent fit .

In the same way that Chihuahuas are today considered to be among of the greatest canines for individuals who live in apartments, Techichi dogs were perfect for those who lived in that historical period.

What Chihuahuas are Bred For Today

Due to the fact that Chihuahuas are the tiniest dog breed in the world (see here for a complete list of tiny dog breeds), their employment options are quite restricted. Given this information, we can eliminate the possibilities of herding, guarding, hunting, tracking, and recovering.

So, what is it exactly that Chihuahuas are bred for? today ? Today, Chihuahuas are only bred for the purpose of becoming affectionate companion dogs. The Chihuahua is one of the top 11 finest companion dogs in the canine realm, according to Purina, which ranks the company’s products. Chihuahuas, on the other hand, are still often seen in rural regions, where they are used as trained ratting dogs.

Highly Skilled Ratters

So, what precisely does the term “ratter” refer to? These are canines that were bred and raised only for the purpose of assisting humans in the catching and killing of rats. And despite the fact that they make wonderful additions to households, there are many who contend that Chihuahuas are even more adept at pursuit of vermin of a smaller size (like rats, for example!)

These dogs are, in point of fact, quite aggressive. fearless ratters that are able to kill squirrels, rats, and other rodents in their home nation of Mexico. This inborn talent serves as their primary source of income. intuitive or natural intelligence . It’s one of the reasons why the Chihuahua is really more intelligent than its reputation would have you believe.

Even after being domesticated, the Chihuahua retains many of its natural instincts, including those related to hunting. If you have a rat infestation in your house, a Chihuahua could be your most effective weapon against them. Bear in mind that these canines are exclusively employed for the purpose of ratting. in more remote locations about Mexico.

The Ultimate Lapdog

The fact that Chihuahuas are such wonderful and loving lapdogs contributes to their endearing allure as pets. There is nothing that a Chihuahua enjoys more than snuggling up with their owner, especially when the two of them have a deep link and a loving relationship. Chihuahuas also like doing this with other members of their family.

One of Joe’s dogs is a Chihuahua. , says us:

My Chihuahua spends an inordinate amount of time dozing off on my mother’s lap. When she does fall asleep, she rests her head on her chest.

Other members of Reddit weighed in, stating things like ” That’s basically par for the course. ” when referring to a Chihuahua.

Others have noted that although they are not exactly lap dogs, they are pretty excellent. velcro dogs ” And when we say velcro dogs, we refer to them as: Keep to yourself (the proprietor) or other members of the family

According to the post of one more Chihuahua owner on Reddit, ,

Brinkley, our Chihuahua, can usually be found curled up on one of our laps whenever we are seated. When one of his pals from the dog park comes around, there is usually a fight about who gets to sit on the available lap.

One of the owners said , ” My cat follows me wherever I go, waits for me in the bathroom while I get dressed, insists on sitting at least alongside me while I’m seated, and sleeps next to me whenever I’m in bed.

If you go to the Chihuahua Subreddit forum, you will see that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of owners sharing the same sentiment with you. They are unanimous in their assessment that these canines were  meant to be lap dogs. They are, without a doubt, among the very greatest practitioners of this “career” anywhere in the world.

Chihuahuas as Watchdogs 

Okay, so these weren’t exactly what I expected. bred because of this. However, you should not underestimate their powers as watchdogs. Also, don’t get it confused with anything else. We are implying that they have the potential to be wonderful. watch dogs, and not  guard dogs.

You will probably be out of luck if you anticipate a Chihuahua to guard the home by attacking a burglar and protecting the property. However, due to the fact that these canines are somewhat territorial and yappy when strangers enter the house, you may anticipate them to make a sound like a dog going crazy.

This might be seen in a positive or negative light. For instance, if you have a fenced front yard and passersby pass by, there is a good likelihood that your Chihuahua would go explore the situation and bark as the pedestrians go by. It seems that their ears are constantly perceptive since they are able to catch up on even the most subtle noises.

It is possible for many owners to find it bothersome. And there is no doubt that getting accustomed to it will take some time. On the other hand, if unwelcome people really do enter your property, you will be relieved that your Chihuahua was able to warn you and your family in time.

Why Get a Chihuahua?

There are a lot of benefits associated with owning a Chihuahua. They don’t need an excessive amount of effort to look after. These dogs lose their fur in the typical manner. They don’t need as much exercise as other dogs do since they’re already rather active.

To add insult to injury, they’re animated and full of life small dogs. When you are in the company of a Chihuahua, there is never a boring moment. In addition to this, individuals tend to underestimate the level of intelligence that they possess.

It is quite improbable that you would need the assistance of a Chihuahua while pursuing rodents. It’s possible that you’re seeking for a friend, and these dogs can provide that. literally bred for the task at hand.

Be certain of the following while engaging in discussion over the breed of dog: Choose a breed based on how closely its disposition and character matches your own. . Consider your schedule as well, since there are certain dogs who can’t handle spending too much time by themselves. Because Chihuahuas are Dogs who need a buddy cannot tolerate being left alone for the entire day.

You’ll need to do the following in order for the connection between your Chihuahuas to be successful. Have patience with such people. . You’ll pick up on this very soon once the obedience training begins, since they’re really fast learners. stubborn small dogs.

Give them compliments at every opportunity you get. attachment and feelings of love — nothing less than that. In exchange, the Chihuahua will be one of the most devoted and fascinating friends you’ll ever have. If you give the Chihuahua a chance, you won’t be sorry you did!

You will nurture a Chihuahua dog for you to do exceptionally effectively if you are a loner with a job. This dog has a strong, independent, and active personality. It always expresses its owner’s adoration.

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