Foods That Make Dogs Develop Bladder Stones

There are now several foods that, when consumed in high numbers, can lead to kidney and urethral deposits as well as bladder stones in dogs.

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Bladder stones in dogs can cause symptoms such as frequent urination with little fluid output, urination difficulty and straining, and urine with blood. Recurrent bladder infections can often indicate the presence of bladder stones, even if there are no visible signs in some dogs.


If left untreated, bladder stones in dogs can obstruct the urethra, making urination impossible. Even if the stones are eventually removed, untreated bladder stones can cause the bladder to lose its ability to function properly.


Yorkshire terriers, chihuahuas, Lhasa Apsos, dachshunds, and dalmatians are among the breeds that are more prone to bladder stones. Bladder stone formation is influenced by genetics, so dogs with parents who have the condition are more likely to develop stones.

Foods of various kinds

High-protein foods, especially red meats and animal fats, raise the risk of bladder stones in dogs. Wheat germ, sweet potatoes, beans, and soy products, which are high in oxalates and contribute to stone formation, should also be avoided.


A well-balanced diet low in fat and high in easily digestible proteins can help prevent bladder stone formation. Feeding the dog table scraps and junk food can also be harmful to his health. A food prescribed by your veterinarian may help dogs who are prone to bladder stones.

With the information above, maybe you now know more about bladder stones in dogs. Please leave a message for me and us at the website if you still have questions; we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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