Five Small Dog Breeds That Are Probably Good With Cats

Several breeds are selected to be crossed with cats to create a single f1 generation. What breeds does that cover, then? See “Five Small Dog Breeds That Are Prone to Mix with Cats” for more information.


Chihuahuas often make excellent feline companions. It may be necessary to prevent the cat from pursuing the dog rather than the other way around since many of them are really smaller than most cats. If your cat can accept that these dogs are self-assured and active, the two of them could get along well.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a friendly, lively, and adorable ball of fluff that often gets along with other animals, particularly if socialized early.

A Bichon and a cat will most likely become closest friends if they are reared together at the same time and even constantly play and frolic together. They make excellent friends for both people and other animals!

Chinese Crested

The little Chinese Crested is a dog that is often around the same size as the typical cat and is mostly hairless. They are affectionate and playful but may also be a little afraid; in this situation, the cat may end up being the aggressor. However, the Chinese Crested would make a wonderful cat friend if you can convince your cat to accept her.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier, which was initially bred in that city, is a playful, clever dog. They stand out because they are often quite trainable, which makes them a wonderful match for cats.

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin was first produced as a pet. It gets along nicely with young children, adult cats, other dogs, and kittens since it is a naturally caring and friendly creature. The Japanese Chin may be the breed you need if you’re seeking for a little dog that will go nicely with one of them.

Just remember that this is a brief list and that there is no assurance that every dog belonging to any one of these breeds will get along with everyone. Additionally, a surprising cat partner may become best friends with a lot of big dogs. Ask your Burbank veterinarian more about the socialization of cats and dogs together and how a dog might play into your family dynamic.

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