Does Your Tabby Have a Tubby Look?

All pet cats enjoy taking regular naps and eating snacks. However, due to the quick weight growth, it is exceedingly risky for cats. Is Your Tabby Looking Tubby? Do the following to maintain a healthy weight for your cat.

Does Your Tabby Have a Tubby Look?

1. Manage Your Cat’s Food Consumption

Many pet owners free-feed their cats, giving them access to unlimited food all day long. Cats are especially prone to overeating due to their lack of self-control, and it is quite possible that they will take in far more calories than they will expend in a single day. Measure out just the daily serving amount for your cat depending on its age and lifestyle.

2. Manage Your Cat’s Food Intake

Because cats are carnivores, they need a diet high in meat in order to effectively digest their food. Your cat’s diet should include far more protein and fat than carbs. For your cat’s diet, canned meals, raw foods, and kibbles with a reduced grain content are all appropriate choices.

3. Engage Your Cat in Play

To get your cat playing, use interactive cat toys. Your cat may not be burning off as many calories as they are taking in if they are always resting, snuggling, or staring out the window. When you play with them, jumping, sprinting, and pouncing on toys can help balance the amount of calories they consume and expend.

4. Establish a playful atmosphere

Cats are intelligent animals who will play by themselves if given the opportunity! Cats typically sleep a lot, but if they are bored in their surroundings, they may sleep too much. Keep your cat occupied with cat towers, scratching poles, or even a second cat for playtime.

Have you used the aforementioned techniques before? Inform of the outcomes.

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