Crazy for catnip

It is a member of the mint family, the catnip cat. with a cat family stimulating action.
Catnip has hallucinogenic properties. Cats’ senses of scent and perception help them become excited.
The household cat will recline back on the surface. It made use of the surface’s face. When warned about alcohol, it will growl in its language.

So, what is catnip anyway?

One of the about 250 species in the mint family, catnip has a look of a leafy green plant. Even the most lazy couch potato may become a crazy animal if they have inherited a sensitivity to the effects of nepetalactone, the essential oil found in catnip. A kitten won’t respond until a cat is between three and six months old, when the characteristic first appears. Catnip sensitivity is inherited; it’s thought that 50% of cats don’t respond to it.

Smelling vs Eating

The most powerful catnip experience begins with the nose; just one sniff will send your cat into a frenzy. Catnip is thought to target the brain’s “happy” receptors in cats. However, catnip usually has the reverse effect when consumed, making your cat more relaxed.

Most cats roll, flip, rub, and finally nod out in response to catnip. They may growl or meow simultaneously. When you approach certain cats, they become overly active or outright hostile.

These sessions often run about 10 minutes until your cat loses interest. He could need up to two hours to “reset” and recover his catnip sensitivity. Though cats are rare to overdose on catnip, they may get ill if they consume too much of it. You can depend on your cat to know when enough is enough.

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