Cleaning Dog Ears

Although it looks straightforward, not all owners find cleaning a dog’s ears to be uncomplicated.
So how can you logically and scientifically clean the dog’s ears? Check out the instructions provided below by

What Supplies Can I Use to Clean My Dog’s Ears?

Having the necessary tools on hand is the first step in cleaning your dog’s ears properly. This is what you require:

  • An ear cleaner Look for a cleaning agent that has been approved by a veterinarian. The Spruce Pets advises against using cleaners that include alcohol or hydrogen peroxide since they might hurt your dog’s delicate ears. Ask your doctor or dog groomer, “What can I use to clean my dog’s ears?” if you’re unsure if something is safe to use on your dog.
  • Pads or cotton balls: Although the ear canal should never be touched, cotton swabs may be used to clean the ridges of the outer ear. You risk irreparable harm to your hearing if you do this.
  • Tweezers: If your dog’s ears are covered in a lot of hair, you should have them on hand.
  • A cloth: Particularly if your dog has a propensity to shake his head when anything gets in his ears, this is advised for controlling possible messes.
  • Treats When everything is finished, you should give your dog a prize.

How to Clean Dog Ears

Examine your dog’s ears briefly before you start. Stop what you’re doing and call your vet if they smell terrible, seem red or inflamed, or if your dog displays any itching symptoms. Both an illness and an ear mite infestation in your dog may need medical attention.

Use tweezers to remove hair from the ear canal if your dog has a lot of hair. Read the ear cleanser’s instructions once the ears are clean and everything seems normal. You may also use the following step-by-step procedure to clean the ears of your dog:

  1. After training your dog to sit, give him a treat and let him look at the ear cleaning container.
  2. Hold the ear flap upright and cautiously pour the cleaning solution into the ear canal if his ears aren’t already raised.
  3. Gently massage the base of the ear with your fingertips for around 20 seconds while keeping the ear flap out of the way.
  4. Release the ear, and if your dog wants, let him shake his head. To stop the solution from flying all over the place, place a cloth over his head.
  5. Gently clean your dog’s ear canal and outer ear with a cotton ball or cotton pad wrapped around your index finger. If required, simply clean the visible section of your dog’s ear with a cotton swab.
  6. Repeat these instructions for the opposite ear after rewarding your dog with another goodie.

Tips and Tricks to Make it Easier

Even though the techniques for cleaning dog ears are very simple, here are some suggestions to make the process simpler for you and your canine companion.

Make sure your dog is in a contained area unless you want water all over the place. Put your dog in a tub or let him out to play. Make sure you’re wearing soiled, outdated clothes that won’t suffer damage from cleaning solution.

Don’t scrimp on the cleaning agent either. Beyond what you can see, your dog’s ear canal is far more complex. The ear will be cleansed thoroughly if the solution is allowed to fill the whole canal. Your dog will shake his head and excrete any extra cleaner that isn’t cleaned up. Repeat the procedure if the ears are still unclean after you’re done, but stop right away if you see any redness or blood, or if your dog exhibits any indications of pain.

Some dogs, particularly those with short ears and little hair, may simply need periodic wiping off when they start to appear grimy. A more thorough examination and cleaning should be performed at least every other week for dogs with floppy ears and those with a lot of hair around the ears.

Being able to properly groom your dog includes understanding how to clean his ears. Regularly doing this can help safeguard his hearing and guarantee that your dog’s ears remain healthy for the duration of his life.

Again, please see your veterinarian if you want further guidance and inspiration. No worries if you don’t have one—our dependable find-a-vet tool will help you quickly locate one.

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