Can Snakes be Repelled by Dog Poop?

If you live in a country or area where snakes are common, you could have seen one in your backyard or garden. It’s never enjoyable because snakes are a creature that causes humans to react negatively; who wouldn’t want to keep them away from their property?

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Contrary to popular belief, dog excrement does not keep snakes away or stop them from entering your yard, garden, house, or property. Snakes do not respect borders and will not see dog feces as an indication that they are about to invade your dog’s domain.

Territorial marks do not transcend animal species well, especially between reptiles and mammals. In other words, a snake will not be alarmed by dog feces and assume it is entering predator territory.

Snakes are driven only by survival and the detection of danger. They are used to gliding over numerous species’ feces in the wild and will not be deterred by a dog unless they hear or see it.

In fact, as I shall explain below, dog excrement may have the reverse effect of keeping snakes away.

Dog poop could actually attract snakes!

Snakes eat rodents. Rodents are drawn to messes and other animals’ feces. This implies that your dog’s waste may attract mice and rats, resulting in snakes in your yard. Snakes will be present on your land as long as there are rodents.

This means you should clean up after your dog as much as possible to make the outdoor environment unappealing and unpleasant to rodents and snakes.

Pick up any dog excrement, wash dog food dishes, and don’t leave any food on the ground.

Will a dog scare the snakes away?

While dog feces will not keep snakes away, your dog himself may. Snakes despise noise and movement, and they will often flee. But not always… It is determined by the snake, the dog, and other variables.

Another thing to consider is that you don’t want your dog to eat a snake. Snakes may transmit sickness and parasites that make dogs sick. There is also the possibility of snake bites injuring your dog.

Helpful Tip: Did you know that dogs may survive rattlesnake bites? However, they must be examined immediately so that antivenom can be delivered.

If at all possible, keep the two animals apart.

Most snakes, though, will crawl away if a dog pursues them. Beagles, Basset Hounds, Jack Russell Terriers, and Bloodhounds have excellent senses of scent and hearing and may be a suitable option.

There are no breeds that naturally like to hunt snakes if you’re seeking for a dog that will kill them. Snakes are not something that dogs want in their diet, therefore seek for breeds that have hunter killer tendencies toward tiny creatures, such as Rat Terriers and Airedales.

Helpful Tip: Read my most recent snake dog guide to see which breeds are most likely to capture and kill snakes.

How to keep snakes from your yard without dog poop

Given that we now know that dog feces isn’t a viable snake deterrent and that there is a chance of your dog getting bitten, here are some alternate methods for scaring snakes away.

1. Keep your yard clean

Snakes flourish in cluttered situations and like to conceal. If you have rubbish in your yard, it is the ideal area for a snake to hide. Woodpiles are excellent locations for snakes to hide.

Rodents are drawn to messes and detritus, notably food and animal waste. This implies that if you feed your dog outside, keep the food dishes clean and replenished on a regular basis. The same is true with bird feeders.

If rats and mice enter your yard as a result of the mess, they will attract snakes eager to hunt and eat on them.

Helpful Tip: Keeping your yard tidy and mice at bay is also essential. Dogs might get ill after ingesting mouse droppings. as well as feces

2. Keep grass short

Continue to mow your grass as it expands throughout the summer. Rather of using dog excrement, this will help keep snakes at bay. Why is this so? Snakes like the cover that tall grass provides.

Snakes cannot move freely in short grass without drawing the attention of predators. It will also assist you in spotting them before you step on one!

3. Eliminate water sources

Snakes prefer to get to water, so although removing a pond or stream from your yard may be impractical, you should remove any other accessible water sources. This includes cleaning up any moist spots, such as tarpaulins where water might accumulate or a children’s paddling pool.

You should also think about not watering your grass. Wet grass attracts worms, snails, and frogs, which snakes like eating.


In conclusion, dog waste may actually draw more snakes into your yard than deter them.

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