Akita Dog Breed | Information and Characteristics

The Akita is a large, powerful dog with a clearly solid appearance. The Akita has a balanced appearance since he is just a hair longer than he is tall.


The huge head is in proportion to the broad, coiled tail. The male Akita is roughly 110 pounds and measures between 26 and 28 inches tall (50 kilograms). The girl is roughly 80 pounds and between 24 and 26 inches tall (36 kilograms).

The Akita’s huge head, which is its most distinctive trait, is supported by its wide chest and neck. When seen from the top, the large head and short snout make a blunt triangle. Small eyes and upright ears give the Akita a highly noble appearance. The legs are powerful and straight, and the body is muscular. Large, thick, and held high, the tail is often coiled over the body.

The Akita has a short to medium-length, very thick coat. The Akita is ideally adapted to chilly climes because to a thick, velvety undercoat, however the coat will thin down somewhat in the summer. The guard hair, or outer coat, is a little bit longer and coarser.

While some Akitas with long hair are unsuitable for showing, they are nevertheless lovely dogs in their own right. The Akita comes in white, brindle, and pinto colors. Akitas without masks are white. Pinto’s body is covered in broad swaths of color on a white backdrop. The colors are always distinct and vivid, even if the undercoat is a different shade from the outside coat. The Akita’s distinctive look has aided in its gradual rise in popularity.


The Akita was bred to live and work alone or in pairs, never in groups. This ancestry is reflected in modern Akita. The Akita enjoys being the lone dog in the house and may be hostile against dogs who are not part of his pack. If properly socialized, an Akita can be taught to accept other animals, but he will probably do everything it takes to maintain his dominance. The Akita is devoted and attentive to his family and close friends, but is very protective of his home and distant from others. They make great watchdogs and only bark when there is really a problem.

The Akita is not a breed that is ideal for everyone due to his huge size, which may make him tough to handle. He requires specialized training to help him correctly channel his energy while having exceptional strength and endurance. Despite being a smart breed, the Akita is prone to becoming bored during training. When he is tested and given a task to do, he flourishes.

Living With:

Although the Akita is a big, tough breed, they have been bred for companionship in the house for years. Akita owners adore them for their devotedness and loyalty. Usually, the Akita will follow you throughout your house, as if its sole goal in life were to watch over and comfort you.

However, the Akita may exhibit aggressive tendencies. The aggressiveness is often directed towards other dogs. Although they usually don’t act aggressively against humans, they have highly developed protective instincts, thus caution should be used when guests from out of the ordinary come to your house. The Akita will be just as devoted to household children as any other member of the family. Naturally, it’s never a good idea to leave small children alone with any big dogs, particularly if they are brand-new to the household.

The Akita is very devoted and is also highly clean-loving and quickly housebroken. They are valuable because of these two qualities to have in the house. The Akita has been said as being nearly “cat-like” because of how pristine and fragrant they are.


The Akita is a native of Japan, where people admire his “gentle in heart and powerful in strength” qualities. The breed was created by the mating of chow chows with Japanese Kari and Tosa dogs in the Prefecture of Akita, a region of northern Japan. Only the country’s imperial elites possessed this breed centuries ago. Akita were originally bred to hunt, protect, and herd.

The capacity of this quick, strong hound to track huge animals like deer, elk, and black bear was unmatched. The Japanese currently use the Akita as a police dog because they still see them as brave and devoted canines.

When a child is born in Japan, parents often get a tiny statue of an Akita, which is seen as a protective emblem. The Akita is not just a representation of safety, but also of good health, joy, and longevity. The Akita breed was designated as a national treasure and national monument by the Japanese government in 1931.

The Akita was initially introduced to Americans by Helen Keller. She made a statement about how much she adored the breed and wished she could possess one in 1937 when visiting the Perfecture of Akita. The Japanese people were moved by her bravery, and as a mark of appreciation, they gave her a dog they called Kamikaze-Go. She was lucky to obtain a second Akita and loved his company for many years, despite the fact that this dog passed away at a young age.

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