9 Rottweiler-Related Facts

The Rottweiler, also referred to as a “Rottie,” is one of the most well-liked dogs in the United States. They are recognized for having a strong sense of security and for being loyal, protective, and robust. But because they are also intelligent and teachable, Rottweilers make dependable, devoted, and compassionate guardians. Here are a few Rottweiler facts you might not be aware of:

9 Rottweiler-Related Facts

1. Rottweilers descended from ancient Roman dogs.

Despite the lack of records on the Rottweiler’s ancestry, the majority of individuals believe that the breed originated from the herding dogs of   earlier Rome. They have been used to many various uses over their lengthy history.

2. Rottweilers were originally “drovers,”  protecting cattle and other livestock.

The Roman empire required a method of feeding its vast, mobile legions of troops as it grew. They led the animals along with the troops using their dogs to herd them. The only practical option for the troops to have a consistent food supply without refrigeration was via this method. Today’s Rottweilers compete in herding competitions and can keep up with shepherds and sheepdogs in the field.

3. They also guarded  money.

This is when the protective nature of Rottweilers comes into play. They safeguarded the cattle herd as well as the cattlemen’s financial assets. No robber would dare to touch the money because the cattleman would place it in a sack and tie it around the dog’s neck. What exactly is a “Metzgerhund”? You are not alone if not. In other words, “butcher’s dog.” Rotties were formerly employed to guard a butcher’s cash when he went to the market hundreds of years ago.

4. Speaking of jobs… there is very little that makes a Rottweiler happier than having a job to do.

But they are not limited to only protecting the house and family. Rottweilers make excellent service dogs, therapy dogs, obedience competitions, guide dogs, customs inspectors, drafting and hauling dogs, and, of course, loyal friends thanks to their intelligence, perseverance, and desire to please.

5. They gained popularity as police dogs.

The Rottweiler had lost appeal by the mid-1800s. Cattle droving was forbidden, railways took the role of dog carts, and Rottweilers were left without employment. When it became popular as a police dog in the early 1900s, the breed recovered..

6. Rottweilers are leaners.

Many breeds, like Mastiffs and Great Danes, like to rest their bulky bodies on their owners. The Rottie agrees. When the breed needed to move cattle, they would use their body to steer the cows in the appropriate way. This behavior is assumed to have its roots in that necessity.

7. They’re award-winning therapy dogs.

Renice Zimmerman’s therapy dog Wynd earned the 2015 Award for Canine Excellence in Therapy. Wynd participated in the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, the Hampton Veterans Hospital, and the Suffolk Humane Society’s BARKS reading program as a therapy dog. Wynd lost her fight with osteosarcoma in December, but her legacy endures.

8. One Rottweiler advocated for the rights of disabled veterans.

Neil Williams, a veteran of the Vietnam War, collaborates with Dieter, a Rottweiler service dog. Williams, who had a spinal injury during the war, is assisted in moving about by Dieter, who holds doors open and helps him get into and out of his wheelchair. Williams and Dieter have been to Washington, D.C. as representatives for the rights of crippled veterans as members of the board of directors of the New England chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America.

9. Their reputation doesn’t define them.

The reputation of Rottweilers as vicious attack dogs is well-deserved. Some local governments have made them illegal, and some insurance providers won’t provide coverage to Rottweiler owners. Since Rottweilers were originally designed to be guard dogs, they can have a tendency to be possessive, but with the right training and socialization, they can also be very docile and affectionate. When it comes to a Rottweiler’s disposition, training is everything.

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