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The Feline Biplane

We love doing these themed pieces, but with them we didn’t only want to be doing video game-related pieces, so we came up with the idea to do a Biplane. This is the perfect piece for somebody who loves planes and also really enjoys mounting furniture (it took over an hour.)

It comes in six separate pieces to make the wings, a leather cockpit cat bed (with free spinning propeller), and poles to attach the wings. Everything comes with brackets attached. For the wings, the brackets are mounted at an angle so that the plane sits at an angle when mounted. The cockpit is level so that the cat doesn’t fall out.

The wings have strips of burlap fabric down the middle so that cats can get traction if they need it.

Dimensions: Total Width: 85″ Total Height: 36″ Depth: 11″

This piece was incredibly difficult to mount. I would suggest only buying the piece if you have two people that can mount it, mounting it low enough to where you’re not standing on a ladder, or to have two ladders handy.


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