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Pets That Have Died or Got Lost In The Care Of Wag & Rover Pet Sitters


 I was on the Petco website looking around and noticed they had a section for Pet Sitters. I said to myself " That's interesting, I didn't know they did that ' I clicked on the link and was brought to Rover.com

I have heard and read about all the horror stories connected with Rover.com and WAG '"The Uber Of Dog Walkers" I am happy to say all the work has been done for me. I am only posting the stories and news reports all in one place (If there is enough room) People can make up their own mind about Pet Care Apps. I am  going to throw in a few Wag stories while I am at it.

Dog Drowns In Pool Of Rover Pet Sitter

Gus Gus Left Unattended In Back Garden

Dog Gets Killed On Freeway After Getting Loose From Rover Pet Sitter

Jazzy- Interesting Stories About Rover Hiding Bad Reviews 

Dog Dies In Care Of Rover Pet Sitter

Sitter was former Baywatch Star

Three Dog Lost In A Month By Wag "The Uber Of Dog Walkers"

Woman Feels Violated After Finding WAG Dog Walkers Wallet In Her Bed 

Buddy Missing After WAG Dog Walker Looses Him

Poodle Mauled To Death While At Rover Pet Sitters

They do not inform people about the other dogs at their home.

Dog Hit By Car After WAG Dog Walker Looses Him

Rover Pet Sitter Causes $12,000 Worth Of Damage To Owner's Home.

Wag Loses Dog, Tries to bribe owner to stay Quiet then threatens with Lawyers  


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